Groundhog Day

Working out with Shaun T and T25…

First I do a little stomping around and whining.

But, eventually I come to terms with having to get it done and I’m all, “Let’s do this!”

photo 1

5 min into my workout…”I hate you, Shaun T.  Stop telling me to focus! No one cares how good Derek’s squats are or that he’s 45!”

photo 3

15 minutes in…”I..can’…anymore…please make it stop!”

photo 4

And when it’s all over…Yuck, sweat is pouring off of me

photo 1

But, I’m done! Yay!

photo 2

It’s like groundhog day…

And every day I have an overwhelming urge to junk punch Shaun T…”you know why!!”

Okay, okay, that’s a little harsh.  Seriously, I wouldn’t hurt a fly and I do love Shaun T, but in the middle of these torture sessions, it’s probably best for everyone to just keep their distance from me.  😉