Following through + Healthy (protein packed) Mango Parfait

I took the first step towards one of my 2014 goals and signed up for a half marathon!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.14.27 PM

It’s not until December and I’m a little nervous since I haven’t ran in awhile, but a half marathon has been on my bucket list since I completed my first race and I’m pumped about finally crossing it off my list.  Plus, you get a tiara and a boa so you can cross the finish line like a diva!  How could I not sign up?!

K, now on to some sweet & creamy deliciousness that’s good for you, but taste like it’s bad for you!

mangoparfait copy2

I think mangoes are a love ’em or hate ’em kind of fruit.  Fortunately, I’m in the love ’em group.  I’m the only one in my house that likes them.  But that’s just fine by me!  I can eat them in peace without anyone wanting to share and when I buy them, I don’t have to worry about someone else stealing them!  😉

I’m trying to be better about my nutrition since I’m on week 5 of my workout program and I’ve seen zero changes.  I’m certain it’s because I haven’t been eating as well as I should be.  I can tell I’m getting stronger and my cardio has improved, but I’d like to see some changes on the measuring tape, scale or the way my clothes fit.

I started using MyFitnessPal again, even though I hate it.  Logging calories is a PITA.  It’s annoying and can be time consuming, but it works, so I begrudgingly started logging again.  *my username is katiehigg if you want to add me and see what I’m eating*

I did really well over the weekend so I’m looking forward to starting this week off right.  I had this yummy protein packed mango parfait for dessert last night and breakfast this morning.  It’s seriously delicious and a great reminder that healthy foods don’t have to be boring or tasteless!

DSCF2382-Edit-2 copy1/2 cup plain greek yogurt (I use Fage 0%)
1/2 scoop protein powder (Jay Robb’s Vanilla is my protein of choice)
dash of vanilla extract
half a mango – diced (sub any fruit you like if mangoes aren’t your thing!)
*sweetener – optional (I don’t use any because my protein has sweetener and the mango was so sweet, but do what tastes good to you!)
* 1/8 cup granola – optional (I used Udi’s Au Naturale Gluten Free granola)

Measure your yogurt out and add the protein powder a little at a time until it’s completely mixed. Add the vanilla extract and do a taste test.  You’ll want to add your extra sweetener now if you are using a powder sweetener.  If you’re using honey, you can easily add it in the end. Then add your fruit (and granola if you choose to) and it’s ready to eat!  But, eat slowly to savor every bite because you’ll be sad when it’s gone!

Nutrition: Calories 271 // Carbs 36g //  Fat 2g // Protein 28g // Sugar 26g

*nutrition facts are based on my specific ingredients and therefore will be different based on the different brands you use


Five on Friday

This week has been cold and dreary and mostly uneventful

My Floridian blood wasn’t made for this cold weather

I’ve been wearing jeans,sweatshirts and tennies on the daily

and drinking coffee like it’s going out of style

However, my youngest rocked his middle school piano audition on Monday, we had my husbands grandmother over last night to go see Jake Shimabukuro and I had a yummy hot breakfast this morning from a local place called Grumpy’s…so I guess my week wasn’t a total wash.

< < < <   > > > >

I’m not a huge fan of Miley’s, but I love this denim on denim look she rocked on the Jay Leno show last night!

miley_cyrus4via Steal Her Style

I can’t even tell you how happy this made me when it popped up in my inbox. Thank YOU wonderful person who signed up using my referral link! My second fix is coming in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to use my credit!


I’ve been following a workout plan for almost 4 weeks now and I haven’t missed a day yet! *patting myself on the back*


Sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it. I’m not sure it’s the perfect style of cardigan, but the color was too good to pass up.

photo 5sweater from The Limited

I’ve had my 2014 goals written out for a couple of weeks now and I intended to make this pretty photo collage with all of my goals, buuuuuuut, that didn’t happen…and it’s now the end of January and if I don’t get them listed, it will never happen!

  1. Read 14 books
  2. Eat meals at home more often
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Get my photos OFF the computer
  5. Blog more often
  6. Take more OOTD pics
  7. Record more video
  8. Finally paint a wall with chalkboard paint
  9. Be consistent with my fitness
  10. Sign up for college courses even though I still don’t know what I want to do with my life
  11. Keep my car cleaned out
  12. Volunteer

< < < <   > > > >

Happy Friday party peoples! I’m off to pick up some dinner and then watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 with the fam.  I hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂

But other times…

…you have to buy because it just slaps you in the face and practically jumps in your buggy.

I went to Target last night after I wrote the previous post and kabam!


Lookie what I found!  I briefly scanned the clothing section and was coming to the end when I saw this beauty on the back wall.  There were only 3 left…XS, L, XL.  Booo!  I’m normally a small, but I had to try on the XS just in case.  I snatched it up and skipped to the dressing room.  My lucky day….it fit!  Plus, at $27 with $23 still left on an old gift card in my wallet, I spent less than $5 on it.  Cha-ching!

I’m still on the hunt for that perfect green sweater though.  😉

Oh, and excuse the crappy pic.  I was lazy and kept my pants & shoes on so I was trying to position myself where you couldn’t see them and I hadn’t taken a shower yet so my hair & face were a mess!  😛


…you just have to look and not buy

I never used to be a fan of window shopping.  I mean, what’s more depressing than looking at things you can’t buy?

But, I’ve come to see that it does have it’s place.  If you can’t (or shouldn’t) buy anything at the moment, for whatever reason, it’s kinda fun to fantasize about what you wish you had in your closet.

Just look at these pretties from Anthropologie.  I would like one, or all, of these please!  If I had to pick just one, it would be a tie between the dot blouse and the camo chinos.  Only because our cold weather won’t be around for long and I can wear both of those when the weather is warmer.  The dress would be gorgeous for a spring wedding, but sadly, I have no weddings coming up.

2014-01-26_00031 :: 2
3 :: 4 :: 5

And while I’m at Anthro, I’ll also take this layered lace tank, this top in yellow, this blue blouse,
these distressed boyfriend jeans and maybe these open toe booties too!

You know, since I’m already dreaming, I’ll just add all of this to my imaginary closet.  I’m not even sure it would all flatter me, but it’s just so pretty I can’t help myself.

Okay, moving on from Anthropologie…

I’ve seen this combo of black & white with green (technically the dress below is navy/white, but it looks black) a few times and I absolutely LOVE it.

poorlittleitgirlvia Poor Little It Girl

I desperately need a new green cardigan.  I love my dark green one, but it doesn’t quite fit all occasions and my other green one is off a shade or two so I rarely even wear it.  I need one like the color above!  I’ve been looking on and off for probably a year without any luck, but I guess I need to look harder since they are apparently out there somewhere!

I found these two online today.  The JC Penney one (on right) looks pretty good for the price.

2014-01-26_00011 :: 2

Then of course I had to go looking for a black & white dress too.

2014-01-26_00021 (same as inspiration photo) :: 2 :: 3
4 :: 5 :: 6

other options…
If you have the funds, this gorgeous Stripmaze dress from Anthro would be amazing as well as this Colorblock Sheath dress from White House/Black Market
Not into stripes?  How about these two polka dot numbers from ModCloth? Hepcat Dress in Black Licorice & Everlasting Loveliness Dress

Grumpy or Just PMS’ing?

I’m the biggest grump today


I fussed at the kids for no good reason and I’m pretty sure it’s because I needed to workout and I desperately did not want to.

I know I’m supposed to say, “Ooooh, I just love working out and taking care of my body!”

But, the truth is, I workout because I have to

because I should

because I want to live a long life

because I don’t want to see my pants size (or the scale) keep going up

because I know that staying active is a large part of staying healthy

because I want to set a good example for my kids

because I know that in the grand scheme of things, I’m a happier person when I’m working out and eating healthy

But, I hate it.

If it were up to me, I’d stay in the house all day,

watching movies, playing games, reading, eating, etc.

Obviously I’d get tired of this if that’s all I did so I do like getting out of the house occasionally too.

The point is, I’m a grump today and working out helped a little, but not a lot.

So maybe I’m pms’ing too.


All I know is that I want to curl up on the couch and watch movies, or surf the internet or read a book

Eating too.  I like to eat.

And, just because it’s pretty much how I feel today.

PMS (1)

Sadly this only goes for my husband and kids.  I hold my crazy in for everyone else.

Winter Whites


I met my mom for brunch at Metro Diner last week.  It was a frigid kinda day (apparently Florida has decided not to skip winter after all) and I’d thought it be a perfect time to try out a white winter outfit.

Wait, what?  White after Labor Day?


Rulz schmulz, I say. Rules were made to be broken!  😉

I felt very crisp, cool and wintery. Even my husband commented that I looked wintery.  So, why again, was wearing white after Labor Day a no-no?  If you haven’t tried it, you should!


My first Stitch Fix review!


There are a ton of monthly subscriptions that have become popular in the last year or so…BirchBox, Ipsy, FitFabFun, Julep Maven, etc.  I’ve tried a few and ended up canceling my subscription.  They send great items, but I’ve figured out that I’m a creature of habit and ended up rarely trying anything that I was sent.  There were a few things I used, but for the most part, the items just ended up back in the box they came in and were added to my clutter piles.

Even though I’ve cancelled all of my subscriptions thus far, I was still intrigued when I heard about Stitch Fix (glutton for punishment maybe?).  In a nutshell, you spend $20 to schedule your “fix” and a personal stylist will send you 5 items of clothing/accessories straight to your door!  Once you receive your items, you have 3 days to try them out and decide if there are any you want to keep.  Whatever you don’t want to purchase, you send back in the enclosed bag.  Your initial $20 goes towards the purchase of any of the pieces you want to keep.  If you send it all back, you lose your $20, but if you keep all 5 pieces, you get 25% off the entire purchase price!

It’s a little bit of a gamble, but I like Stitch Fix for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I like that It isn’t a monthly subscription.  You say when you want to get your box, whether it’s monthly/every other month/quarterly, you decide!  Secondly, it’s only $20 to order your fix and while it’s scary to think you might not want anything and you’d lose 20 bucks, chances are that you’ll like at least one thing.  Thirdly, who wouldn’t want hand picked pieces of clothing delivered to their door?!  I don’t have to drive all over town and go from store to store? Sign me up!

When I signed up before Christmas, the first available date wasn’t until January 17th.  Seemed like forever at the time, but it was probably about a month out from when I signed up so I was okay with that date.  Of course I wanted it RIGHT NOW, but good things come to those who wait, right?

Well…the wait is over!!


My package came yesterday afternoon, but since I hadn’t showered, still had to workout for the day and needed to take the dog to the vet, playing dress up with my new clothes wasn’t going to happen just yet.  I did open it up and check everything out though.


It all looked pretty good.  Cute tops, good colors, polka dots!  I was immediately hesitant about the jeans, but decided to reserve final thoughts until I actually tried them on.


I put it all back in the box and waited until after my shower that evening to try everything on.

<<<<       >>>>>

First up…Kensie Jeans, Johnny Skinny jeans {$88}


Initial impressions: they don’t look like anything special, but I’ll see how they fit.

Thoughts: I am more than willing to spend $100k-$200 on jeans, but when I put them on, I want to love them.  These were just…okay.  I did like that they had a good amount of stretch to them.  They almost seemed like jeggings.  Plus, as I predicted, they were a little snug.

Ultimately: Sent them back. If they had fit though and weren’t $88, I would have likely kept them just because I don’t have any good jeggings.

<<<<       >>>>>

Next up…Honey Punch, Lanna Cross-Front Polka Dot dress {$68}


Initial impressions: Super loved the polka dots and the colors were great (it’s hard to tell but the dress is dark green with mauve polka dots). Light weight enough so you could wear it in the summer despite the long sleeves, but also wearable in the winter if you layered it.

Thoughts:  The v-neck was great and the bottom front hem was adorable and I loved the overall style of it, but…it doesn’t fit.  I’m not tall (5’4″), but this dress was made for someone shorter than me.  The cinched waist is above my actual waist and it was overall just too short.

Ultimately: Sadly, sent it back

<<<<       >>>>>

Next…Daniel Rainn, Barcelona Striped Silk Short Sleeve Blouse {$78}


Initial impressions: It’s not something I would have been drawn to, but I like the colors and I love the zipper at the back of the neck (not pictured, sorry).

Thoughts:  I like it!  It’s not something I would pick out and it’s not something I would usually wear, but that’s part of the reason I wanted to try this service.  I want to break out of my comfort zone and wear things I wouldn’t necessarily pick out.  My hubs was in the room when I was trying everything on and he gave this shirt a thumbs up.  The price tag gave me a bit of a pause.  Not sure I would pay that price if I were trying this on in the store.

Ultimately: I kept it. I liked it and so did the hubby.

<<<<       >>>>>

Next…41Hawthorn, Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse {$68}


Initial impression: “Eh”

Thoughts: Hate it.  It’s just “blah”.  The material is that see through thin material that hangs so nicely and is great in the summer time, but unfortunately drives me batty. I tried it on and said, “eh, it’s nothing special”.  It’s just a black flowy shirt.  When I asked my hubs his opinion he said he liked it better than most of the stuff I wear.  Gee thanks, hubs.  :o/  Unfortunately he isn’t the one wearing it and as I was explaining to him why I don’t like it, I was even more convinced that it wasn’t for me.  I have a few of these types of tops in my closet and I rarely wear them.  The roll up sleeves that button to 3/4 length, drive me bonkers.  They keep falling down, but I want to keep pulling them up!  I see a lot of people wear them and they look great, but they just annoy the crap out of me.  Plus, it was too big for me anyway.

Ultimately: Sent back

<<<<       >>>>>

Last, but not least…Bay to Baubles, Blair Pave Chain Link Bracelet {$32}


Initial impression: My stylist got the memo that I like GREEN!  When I read, “pave link bracelet” on the invoice list I was worried it would be the same as a bracelet I already have, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was not.

Thoughts: It’s got an adjustable link closure so it fits a variety of sized wrists and the color is great, but I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it.

Ultimately:  Sent it back.  I don’t feel like the price reflects the quality and I noticed when I was taking photos that it’s missing a little jewel. 😦

<<<<       >>>>>

Okay, so there you have it.  The unboxing of my first Stitch Fix!

At first I was disappointed because there was nothing I really loved.  Well, I could have really loved the dress, but it didn’t love me back.

After sleeping on it though, I think it was a great start.  I do really like the striped shirt, even though I thought it was a little pricey, and the dress could have been awesome had it fit.

Next step is to give feedback on the items I’m returning, tweak my online style profile and try again next month!  I think once my stylist gets to know me better and I get better at vocalizing what I like/don’t like, the picks will be closer and closer to items that work for me.  Lest not forget either that I signed up so I could stretch my fashion wings and get out of my comfort zone, which this box certainly did for me.

What do you think?  Did you agree with my likes/dislikes?

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What do you think of the service?

If you haven’t tried it, click here to schedule your own personalized fix!

Disclaimer: *this totally makes me laugh to type this* but, this was NOT a sponsored post.  I signed up and paid for Stitch Fix all on my own.