My Fitness Journey

Growing up I was always very thin. Never had to watch what I ate or exercise. I was actually what I would now call “skinny fat”. I was skinny, but not healthy. I ate like crap and never exercised. I foolishly thought I was going to be one of those people who bounced right back to pre-baby body after having a baby. Turns out I was wrong! I gained 39lbs with my first and although I lost all but 15lbs within a couple months, with a case of the baby blues and still eating like crap, I gained another 15lbs over the course of a year. I then got pregnant with my second about 8 mos later. Thankfully I didn’t gain much with my second child and the weight came off after pregnancy pretty much on it’s own. However, at 30+lbs heavier than my pre-preggo weight, I finally decided to do something about it.  My husband & I did a 6 week program with Beachbody (Slim in 6) and it was then that we started learning about how to eat healthier. Not a fad diet or starving yourself, but truly eating healthy. Lean meats, veggies, lots of water!   I’m still a work in progress and I am constantly learning about how to be healthier!  Which is one reason I wanted to start this blog.

Here’s an unofficial before & after.  I say, “unofficial” because there’s a 5 yr gap and the “after” shot isn’t current.  I never took after pictures from my 6 week program, but I lost about 10lbs.  I then fluctuated a little here and there and in the beginning of 2009 got serious again when I was in a “biggest loser” challenge with some friends.  The “after” shot on the right is the result from the biggest loser challenge.  Which I came in 2nd place, btw.  😉  The left is at my heaviest, 146-148lbs, size 10 pushing 12’s and in the “after” pic I was around 130(ish)lbs, size 6.  Crazy what 15lbs + some fat exchanged for muscle will do for you!  Not to mention a better swimsuit!  😉

After 2009 I maintained for a little while and in 2011 lost another 10lbs.  I’m happy with where I am, but now the key is to maintain it.  I need to eat more of the right foods and not indulge as much in the bad ones and stay physically active because it’s good for my body.


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