new purse, new boots, happy girl…


Switched my purse over and got to wear my boots yesterday.  It was a good day!  😉



Christmas (Eve) #whatiwore

These last few weeks, unless I’ve needed to dress up for a certain reason, I’ve mostly been wearing my pj’s or jeans & sweatshirts.  But on Christmas Eve, I felt like putting a little effort into my appearance.  Pretty much just a dressed up version of jeans & a sweatshirt, but hey, I look a little more dressed up at least.  😉

2013-12-26_0001The sweater and sunglasses are new, but the rest is old schtuff.
I tend to wear the same jeans & shoes over and over again.  And apparently earrings too!  😉

Favorite Gifts 2013

christmas_listTory Burch fragrance :: Diana glass lens (dslr) :: mirrored polka dot jewelry box
jewelry tray :: Gorjana-Griffin ring :: quick charger
Polar Loop :: Kate Spade mug 

even more gifty goodness…

Photo Credit :: glitter bokeh background

Thanksgiving :: #whatiwore

Yep, what I wore on Thanksgiving.  That is not a typo.  lol.  I am just getting around to posting this and it seems ridiculous, but I took the time to get my daughter to snap a few photos so I wanted to at least post them.

Sadly, these photos aren’t even from Thanksgiving day, but a couple of days later when I wore the exact same outfit again because I liked it.  😛

P.S. holding my phone is so cheesy, but I wanted something to hold and it was the closest thing I had that wouldn’t look totally out of place

DSC_9985-Edit DSC_9967-Edit-2 DSC_9973-Edit

That photo up there ^^^, I think I’m picking lint off of me, but I thought it was a good shot of my bun.  😉

sweater (Target, but couldn’t find online) :: camo jeans from Express (also seen here)
:: sketchers hidden wedge high tops ::
Essie nail polish (sew psyched) :: earrings (Target) :: bracelet (Etsy)

2013-12-10_0001Ignore the peeling polish and crappy cuticles..please & thank you!

Pre-Opening at Nordstrom Rack!

1000365_3593131923328_1345872678_nphoto via Erin

Tomorrow, Jacksonville gets it’s first taste of Nordstrom via Nordstrom Rack.  The outlet version of the popular department store carries all the big name brands, but at a significant discount!  It’s a bargain shoppers dream!

Last night was the pre-opening party and while I didn’t get a direct invite, my awesome friend Erin invited me as her +1!  To say I was excited was an understatement!  I like to browse in person rather than buy online…try things on, move in them a bit, hem haw over them.  While I’ve had okay luck online shopping, shoes & jeans are two things that rarely work out, so I was uber pumped to be able to touch and feel and try on all the brands I have been drooling over online.

Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Paige Denim…just to name a few

I knew the pre-opening would be busy, but it was beyond crazy.  So busy in fact that it was hard for me to concentrate on what I wanted to look at! There were people everywhere, delicious snacks & drinks, a line 10+ people long waiting for the dressing rooms, several registers busy checking people out as well as employees walking around with handheld check out machines!

I did, however, manage to come away with a few purchases so apparently I wasn’t THAT distracted.  😉

nordstromracklootMy loot!  A plaid flannel shirt (super comfy with just the right amount of drape), a cute gold ring (only 8 bucks!) and the most epic purchase of the night…Tory Burch booties!

I know there is a ton more good stuff there that I missed so I can’t wait until it officially opens tomorrow!  There is going to be a big opening day party starting at 8am.  I want to go back, but I’m probably better off waiting a couple of weeks until the craziness dies down.

Fall Simplicity

It’s finally fall-ish weather here in FL and it’s got me craving comfort.  This is what I wish I was wearing today even though it’s not nearly chilly enough to justify the beanie.

Fall Simplicity

leopard + oxblood :: #whatiwore

If there are two things I’m obsessed with fashion wise at the moment, it would be prints & oxblood!  Actually I’m loving color period.  I first saw these pants on Rach over at Pink Peonies, but good fitting pants are such a PITA to find most times so while I loved them on her, I didn’t have high hopes that they’d fit me as well.  I didn’t rush out to the mall or anything, but I did pop over to LOFT a couple weeks ago to try on their new  line of jeans. I only found one pair that fit me great and they were just okay so I left without them.

Fast forward to last week, I was at the mall looking for booties, but stopped in LOFT to see what they had and was told by two store employees that I came in at the perfect time because they’d just marked down a whole bunch of good stuff.  Okay, they peaked my interest, so I dug into the sale racks to see if anything caught my eye.  I had actually forgotten about the blog post, but as soon as I saw these pants, I remembered and immediately snatched them up (in two sizes just in case!) and added them to my dressing room pile.

There were some “meh’s” & “cute’s” in the dressing room, but these lovely pants were a “gotta-have-em!”  They fit me amazingly well and the kicker, they were on sale for $32!  Score!

2013-10-01_0003top :: pants :: shoes (cheap American Eagle for Payless black flats ;)) :: jewelry (Express, Etsy, Charming Charlies)

2013-09-29_00012013-10-01_0002posed…a little more relaxed…over the top

I keep getting annoyed at myself because I forget to get IN photos with people.  I always get so wrapped up in the moment that I don’t take any photos or if I do think about pictures, I get distracted with not so perfect lighting conditions or what I’m wearing or not wearing or how I look/don’t look and then the moment passes and I’m left with zero photos and regrets. So when we got home from a birthday lunch on Sunday, I had the teenager snapped some pics of me & the hubs.  The middle one is my favorite, but the third one pretty much sums up the hubs.  He’s got the silly gene for sure. Way more silly than I am and I’ll be honest in saying that I’m usually the one to just shake my head at his silliness, but I do appreciate it…most of the time.  😉

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