But other times…

…you have to buy because it just slaps you in the face and practically jumps in your buggy.

I went to Target last night after I wrote the previous post and kabam!


Lookie what I found!  I briefly scanned the clothing section and was coming to the end when I saw this beauty on the back wall.  There were only 3 left…XS, L, XL.  Booo!  I’m normally a small, but I had to try on the XS just in case.  I snatched it up and skipped to the dressing room.  My lucky day….it fit!  Plus, at $27 with $23 still left on an old gift card in my wallet, I spent less than $5 on it.  Cha-ching!

I’m still on the hunt for that perfect green sweater though.  😉

Oh, and excuse the crappy pic.  I was lazy and kept my pants & shoes on so I was trying to position myself where you couldn’t see them and I hadn’t taken a shower yet so my hair & face were a mess!  😛


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