just over here watching ice melt.


I’ve had major A.D.D. trying to blog lately.

I deleted 3 blog posts that were 90% finished, but weren’t relevant anymore

I have ideas, but can’t seem to get them typed in a timely manner




I got some sweet Hunter boots and a new purse as belated Christmas presents, but it’s been so blasted cold and I haven’t gotten dressed out of workout clothes, sweats or jeans & a tee yet so I’m waiting to blog those properly.  Although if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the purse.  😉

In other news, here in FL we had a bit of a cold snap.  It was so cold I had to drip all of the faucets in the house overnight to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze.  Okay, it’s debatable whether I had to drip them or not (newer house and not sure if that’s outdated advice), but the news people were fuh-reaking out about the temperatures and they told me to do it.  So, we dripped…all night…on all 6 faucets.

Last night we turned the sprinklers off, but apparently not before they had already started up so this morning we woke up to icicles in the yard!  The kids thought it was uber cool and obviously I did too since I spent 30 min taking macro photos of them in the cold.  😛







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