Nothing like going to a concert to make you feel OLD

I love going out, but I have to be in the mood and just because I have plans, doesn’t mean I’m going to be in the mood.

We were kidless Saturday and as the day passed, I was excited to be getting dressed to go somewhere, but at the same time just wanted to curl up on the couch in my sweats and watch a movie with my hunny.

Nevertheless, we got dressed and headed to St. Augustine for the O.A.R + Cris Cab concert.  I didn’t get a photo of my outfit.  Why, I don’t know.  #fashionbloggerfail

This is what I wore though…

Going to a concert

It doesn’t look all that grand laid out like this, but just take my word for it, I looked cute.  😉

Once we got to the amphitheater, I was feeling the concert vibes and ready to have some fun.  We got there with 20 min to spare before the opening act took the stage.  It’s a small venue so getting to our seats didn’t take long.

We passed all kinds of people tailgating before the show and I thought it was odd.  I don’t go to a ton of concerts, but I didn’t remember tailgating to be commonplace.  Turns out, the tour is called the O.A.R. Tailgate Tour 2013.  Ha!  NOW it all makes sense.  lol.  And, although I think we were in the median age range of the concert goers, for the most part, it felt a little like we were at a frat party.

We usually like aisle seats (easy entry/exit), but it wasn’t necessarily the best choice for this concert.  Aren’t people supposed to just sit/stand and enjoy concerts?  Apparently you need to refill your beer every 5 min.  The aisle way was constantly full of people going up & down the stairs. Honestly, it was a little distracting and I took a mental note to NOT sit on the aisle next time.

Anywho, we were enjoying ourselves anyways.  Cris Cab was the opening act and he was awesome. He’s a young guy from Miami, FL and his music has a very chill, reggae, pop, hip-hop sound.


Then it was time for O.A.R to come on stage.  The crowd was going nuts!  I knew a few of their songs, but my hubs was pretty well acquainted with their latest album.  They were super awesome live.  They interact with the crowd and have fun with their songs.

Awesome concert last night! #oartailgatetour #ofarevolution #staugustine

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Unfortunately the hubs had a massive headache so we dipped out early.  Which honestly, was okay by me.  I was definitely enjoying myself, but grabbing dinner and then going home, washing my face and crashing on the couch sounded just as good.

And that, my friends, is how you know you’re getting old. 😛


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