Workouts at Home…GIT-R-DONE!

Let’s be honest.  I straight-up loathe home workouts.

It’s hard to get motivated to do a workout when I’m surrounded by things that seem more pressing…laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc

But, it takes a lot longer to go to the gym (factoring in drive time & workout). Especially when all I want (or have time for) is a quick 30 min.

So, while I’d rather sweat it out with weights in the gym, sometimes an at-home workout is all I can fit it.

tumblr_lnhagbBxIE1qiea48o1_500 2

Whether you have 5 min, 10 min or 20 min, these no-treadmill, mini workouts from Fitness Mag will suit your needs perfectly!

Yoga + Crossfit?  Sounds awesome!

Indoor Cardio Crusher – intervals

Full-Body Circuit workout from PopSugar

7 min HIIT – the link is for a pretty printable version, but this workout was originally posted by ACSM and there’s actually an iphone app for it!

Pressed for time?  This 4 min cardio workout will get your heart rate up quick.

These hotel workouts are kinda intense (I can tell b/c she’s in insane shape and she is huffing & puffing, which means I’d be practically dying), but it’s nice that they’re short.


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