Five on Friday

Feelin’ random today.

My sister told me a couple months ago about a blog she followed called, Not Your Average Mom.  It’s a lady with 7 kids (yep, SEVEN!) and she’s not your typical mom blogger.  She’s real, she’s funny and she’s got a mouth like a sailor (which I love her for).  Recently she’s been on a de-clutter/organizing mission throughout her house.  We always see perfectly decorated, organized, clean living spaces online and it’s refreshing to see that everyone doesn’t live in an immaculate house.  Even though she is straightening her messes now, it makes me feel a little bit better about my clutter piles that I need to do something about.  I have been admiring her photos all week and this morning, I was inspired to do a little de-cluttering myself!  I started with my desk and that’s as far as I got.  But something is better than nothing, right?!


Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?!  Cranberry sauce was never really on my radar until my daughter took a liking to it a few years ago. Since then, I’ve experimented with a few recipes here and there and they’ve all been delicious, but this past week, I ran across another cranberry sauce recipe that I really want to try.  I’m thinking of having a little pre-Thanksgiving turkey dinner next week just so we can test it out!  Click here for the recipe.

apple-cranberry-sauce-recipe-from-sunny-vegan-and-mywestelm(pp_w699_h873)photo & recipe via Sunny Vegan

I mentioned on Monday that there was some tile demolition going on in the house.  It started with a teeny tiny crack in the fiberglass bottom of our master bath shower stall, which turned into ripping out the whole bottom part of the shower, which then turned into a shower remodel of sorts so that the repair doesn’t look like a hack job. Every day this week (except for today thank goodness!) we’ve had a worker in here doing something.  It’s seriously bringing me down and giving me anxiety. Things never go as planned, but I’m trying to hope for the best!


Fashion trends come and go all the time.  Sometimes I love them right away, sometimes they have to grow on me before I fall madly in love with them and then there are the ones that I hope go away very, very soon.  This is one that falls in the latter category.  They say “never say never”, but I can 100% say that I will never fall prey to this trend!  Blech!

Whitney-Port-Socks-And-Heels-Trend-850x850 2(photo source

On the flip side, I am loving the blush pink trend!  Then, you go and put it with olive and black…winner, winner, chicken dinner!

For those of you keeping up with my 30 day challenge, you know that I’ve had a few hiccups.

I’m doing great with my water intake, exercising almost every day (missed 2 out of the last 18 days), but not doing so hot with my eating at home more and logging my food.  For one, I tend to get distracted with other more pressing issues than planning my meals, but for two, I learned that sometimes eating at home and logging your calories don’t necessarily play well together.  When I make something from scratch I have to enter ALL of the ingredients into a recipe calculator and then figure out how much I’m eating of it.  It’s a PITA!  My Fitness Pal is great, but sometimes it’s too specific. Sometimes I just want to say that I ate 1 bowl of chili for dinner, but not calculate the calories.  Sometimes I want to say that I ate 5 french fries.

SO…I’m feeling the need for simplicity.  I’m going back to the good old fashioned pencil & paper food diary.  While I will still likely be on & off of myfitnesspal, I will be mainly using this little gem to keep track of what I’m putting in my mouth.


I used to have this super cool food/fitness log, but I’ve apparently misplaced it so the journal above will have to do for now.

Hubs & I are headed to an O.A.R concert on Saturday and I’m very much looking forward to a kid free night out.  Anyone else have plans this weekend?


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