Edgar Allan Poe, Link & a maggot…

Ah, the night kiddos look forward to all month!  Dressing up and getting loads of candy…what’s not to like?

I never carved pumpkins as a kid so when we had kids, I thought that was a good time to start.  I was all about creating traditions that my kids could look back on.  We carved our first pumpkins in 2000 and we’ve done it every year since.  It’s evolved slightly and some years we’re not that in to it, but we’ve done it without fail for the last 13 yrs.  As well as trekking to the pumpkin patch and taking photos.  It’s a little harder as the kids have gotten older, but we manage to get ‘er done.  It’s so cool to think about how the kids have grown and gotten better at carving.  In the beginning they would just help clean out the guts, then they would do a few easy pokes, then they got their own pumpkin to clean, poke & cut (even though mommy & daddy ended up doing most of the work), and each year they would do more and more on their own.  This year we only helped scrape the pumpkins slightly to thin the wall out, but other than that, they both did 99% of the cleaning out and all of the poking and cutting!  They both went online to pick out their design and printed it out too!  So in the end, I helped tape it on and thin the wall a little, but other than that, I could focus on my own carving.  My girl chose Edgar Allan Poe and seriously nailed it!  I gotta step it up next year.  😉

2013-10-31_0002 2013-10-31_0001 2013-10-31_0003

Oh yeah, and remember the zombie flashmob I was doing a couple of weeks ago?  I did end up getting my contacts in time and even though they were a pain in the butt to wear (slightly agitating if you aren’t used to contacts), they were SOOOO worth it!  They totally completed the look.



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