It’s my first time…

It all started with a decision to be in a zombie flash mob…

then, came the overwhelming obsession with everything zombie!

By the time I decided to participate, I only had about 10 days to learn the 8 min long routine.  After getting more than half of it down pretty well, I was able to start wrapping my head around how I was going to dress.  I mean, we’re going to be performing  in front of a large group.  I gotta be zombie’d up!

8070021914_4684579284how awesome are these undead nails?!

I was racking my brain on costumes and finally just decided on something that’s already in my closet.  I hate to buy something only to ruin it by ripping it and splattering it with blood.

Next, I started combing Pinterest looking for make-up ideas.  I want something simple, but effective.  I’m thinking more like Warm Bodies dead, not super gruesome-eyeball missing-dead.

nicholas-hoult-warm-bodiesphoto source

Then while I was at rehearsal over the weekend some of the ladies were talking about last year’s zombie flash mob and what they wore and someone mentioned colored contacts.  I immediately thought, “YES!  I need spooky contacts!”  That would totally stand out and make me look a little more freaky without having crazy make-up.

2013-10-14_0001photo sources  1 :: 2 ::  3

**Let’s just ignore the tiny fact that I’ve never worn contacts in my LIFE and I had less than week to get them ordered, delivered and learn how to put them in!  That’s not really important, right?  Nope, I didn’t think so either.

I was immediately on the hunt…researching where to buy them…what color I wanted…how to put them in…

until I got the smackdown…

In wanting to make sure that I get legit contacts that won’t scratch my cornea or ruin my eyesight or anything crazy like that (important stuff, yo), I found out that apparently it’s illegal to sell contacts without having a “prescription”, even for zero correction lenses.  Booo!  Not cool.  I’ve never been to an eye doctor.  Like ever!  I know, I’m 35 and I should have had an eye exam, but yeah, just haven’t made the time.  My vision has always been fine (even though my husband has been insisting for months that I needed to have it checked).  Sure I can’t read as well as I used to and the headlights at night on a dark road are kinda blurry, but I thought I was pretty normal for 35.  Nevertheless, I had planned on eventually getting an eye exam, but this whole “getting cool contacts for a costume” thing, was getting out of hand.  I mean, firstly, they are not cheap at around $30 for 1 lens.  Then add on super fast shipping, and NOW, an eye exam!  Oh, and apparently getting fitted for contacts is a whole separate fee from just getting an eye exam.  Ay yi yi!

I find out all the eye exam stuff first thing yesterday morning.  I debate it at first, but my amazing hubby who supports me in my crazy obsessions tells me just to do it because I need an exam anyway.  Next thing you know, I’m headed to the eye doctor!

Looking through the glasses at eye chartsource

My stomach is doing somersaults and my pits and palms are dripping with sweat.  I have no idea what they’re going to do, if it’s gonna hurt, or if I’m going to go through all this and end up not being able to get my cool contacts for whatever reason.  Then comes the paranoia….What if I actually need a prescription for glasses/contacts?  What if they tell me something horrible?

When I get called back to the room, I am babbling like an idiot to anyone who will listen.  Telling them my life story.   That’s what I do when I’m nervous, ramble and fill in the quietness.  Saying things like,

“this is my first time”

“I’m just trying to get cool contacts for Halloween”

“my husband has been harassing me for months to get my eyes checked. I think they’re fine!  But, I guess everyone says that, huh?”

The doc finally comes in after what seems like an eternity of me staring at the posters on the wall and looking at the scary eye contraptions.

photo 1 copy

I breeze through my letters tests.  Sweet, this is going well!  My palms are still sweaty, but I’m less anxious now.  Then the doctor tells me she’s going to put some drops in my eye to numb my eyeball.  What the what?!  “Numb my eyeball?!”  I’m looking at her like she’s about to pour acid in my eye and she’s explaining that it’s just drops and it won’t be bad.  Lady, I’m not worried about the drops, I’m worried about why my eyeball needs to be NUMB!  What the heck is she gonna do to me?  Turns out I was freaking out for no reason (as usual).  Whatever she did, didn’t hurt at all and since I wanted to be fitted for contacts she said she wasn’t going to dilate my pupils this time.  Woot!

Diagnosis: 20/20 vision with a very slight astigmatism in my right eye


Now it was time for my contacts fitting!  They sit with you, tell you how to put them in, how to take care of them, yada, yada, yada.  Then, they want you to put them in while they stare at you.  Awesome.  As if I wasn’t nervous enough about sticking something on my eyeball, but now someone is gonna be watching my every move.

Wellllll, not to brag or anything, but apparently…I’m a natural!  Oh yeah.  Nailed it!!  Got them puppies in on my first try.  Took one out (so she could make sure I did it right) and then put it back in.  Booyah!

photo 2 copyI was looking through the glasses while waiting for paperwork to get finished. Can you tell I have blue contacts on in this photo?

I came home and immediately ordered my zombie contacts.  Hopefully they ship today so I don’t have to stress about it, but I paid for 2-day shipping so even if they don’t ship until Wednesday, I should be golden!


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