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Can I tell y’all how happy I was to not have any kind of party or activity that needed my attention this week?!  I know it’s hump day and we’re already halfway to next weekend, but I had a pretty good weekend and first half of the week so imma gonna blab about that today.  :oP

The wedding festivities were fabulous, but I’ll get to that in a second.

My Monday wasn’t half bad considering it was a Monday.  I was exhausted from the weekend, but I was able to get some laundry done and focus on chores around the house, paid a few bills and most importantly…worked out!! I restarted C25K. I’ve been so bad lately about making time to do anything active. I give in to being a lazy bum waaaay too easily. Good news though…I had a lot too much sugar over the weekend which made me feel blah and reminded me of why I limit my sugar!  I really don’t limit it a ton, I just limit my candy, sweets & treats. I’ve noticed when I overdose on candy & sweets or even lattes, I start breaking out on my face.  I must say though, that in itself is a pretty good motivator to stay out of the sweets! I still have plenty of sugar daily via my Starbucks latte’s & my own homemade coffee, but my face let’s me know when I’m overdoing it.

Speaking of coffee, I ordered a new flavored coffee to make at home with a supah cool mason jar tumbler.  I’m excited about it. It arrived today so I’ll be sampling it soon! I’ll post my thoughts on it after I’ve tried it out. I’m a little picky with my drinks so I’m hoping that I like it.


Monday ended with my hubs telling me that when he got up at 3am to order his new iPhone 5s, he also ordered ME one!!  I didn’t know whether to be annoyed that he spent too much money or elated to be getting a present. I currently have an iPhone 5 so it’s not like I neeeeded an upgrade, but….it was very sweet of him to think of me and the deed is done annnnnd it arrived yesterday so I’m not annoyed anymore, just EXCITED!

photo 5-4

*Friendly reminder* Make sure to take off the protective film before trying to set up your fingerprint scanner. Why on earth would I think you need this tidbit of information you ask?  Well, it’s a funny story.  I was trying to scan my fingerprint and I kept lifting my thumb and putting it down over and over again, but nothing was happening.  I pushed a few buttons thinking it was the iPhone’s fault, then tried to scan one more time…again, nothing!  I started to get annoyed and then…realized that I never took the film cover off! Doh! Yes, folks, that really happened. I’m a dork and I’m not afraid to admit it.


Tuesday started with a doctors appointment for my teenager, but then we got coffee (she got a hot chocolate), I dropped her at school and I headed to the mall!  I was on a mission. I really, really, like obsessively really, wanted some booties for Fall. I didn’t plan on spending hours at the mall, but you know how it is. I started at Dillards, found some Gianni Bini ones I really liked, but they didn’t have my size/color combo so I kept looking.  Went to Aldo, then Belk, stopped at Loft in between and found a good deal on some awesome burgundy slacks, then headed back to Dillards so they could call another one in town to see if they had my size.  The guy helping me said the computer was saying there was one in stock, but the salesperson on the phone was saying she couldn’t find it.  By this time it’s lunchtime and I’m starving, but I really wanted some booties so I headed to the other Dillards hoping that by me being there in person, the salesperson would magically find them!

It worked!  When I got over there she said she found them after she got off the phone and she’d held them for me!

Taaaadaaaaa!  Here they are!


They have cool buckles and they’re a dark olive/brown color and I lurve them!  I came home and tested them out with several jeans to make sure they were as versatile as I thought they would be. Now if mother nature would just get with the program and give us some cooler weather, I’d be in hog heaven. Well, I guess we’re technically having cooler weather, but 80’s isn’t necessarily the cooler I was hoping for!

Okay, back to the wedding….it was a whirlwind of a weekend and apparently when I’m busy, I don’t think about taking photos of my outfits! Actually I did take one, but it’s kinda awful so instead of posting it, I’m going to recreate my rehearsal outfit as well as the wedding one because…well, they were too good to ignore IMO.

I didn’t take photos of my clothes, but I did however take photos of the candy table that my sister and I put together.  I know it’s not the most spectacular candy table you’ve ever seen, but we were pretty proud of our first attempt.

DSC_9299-Edit-2DSC_9303-Edit-2 DSC_9302-Edit-2 DSC_9301-Edit-2

My mom ordered the flowers for the centerpiece which turned out to be awesome and make the table even better.

I really tried to sit back and let the paid photographer do his job so I didn’t take a ton of pics and most of the photos I took have faces in them that I can’t really share, but here’s one of my SIL’s gorgeous bouquet.


And one of the cake which has the cake topper that we used for our wedding cake 15 yrs ago.  Say it with me now…”awwwwww”


Mmkay, I think that’s all I have to verbally (is it still verbal if I typed it? oh-see-well-see, it is now!) spew to you on this glorious hump day.  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow or Friday with my wedding outfits! I’m sure you’ll be waiting with bated breath or not, but maybe you’ll stop back by and check them out. Or, better yet, follow me on bloglovin’ or wordpress so you don’t miss the post! 🙂


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