iOS 7 & getting nude

My husband is fired from being my personal techy.

He could have reminded me earlier in the day yesterday to download the newest iOS for my iPhone, but noooo…instead I had to read about it on Facebook at 7:30 at night.  Facebook?!  He is seriously slacking.  Probably because that punk has had iOS 7 for months due to being a developer.  But that’s besides the point.  :oP

In case you aren’t aware, once people get off work, the download times inevitably become exponentially longer.  At almost 8pm eastern, my download time was ridiculous and probably wasn’t getting any better unless I waited until the middle of the night.  Which I contemplated….buuut…decided against it.  Like a good girl, I (im)patiently waited to update this morning.  After a not so smooth installation of iOS 7 (an error which led to a factory restore, but then thankfully led to a successful restore of my back up), I finally have it installed on my iPhone and it’s beautiful!  I haven’t played with it too much, but two things that jumped out at me right away was the dynamic movement wallpapers and the photos separated by dates.  The photo thing is going to be uber helpful with my Project 365.  Many times I take a photo for the day, but get behind on keeping them organized so it’s going to be so much easier to keep up now.
*On a side note: I may have re-hire my tech consultant since he reminded me at 6:45 to start my download this morning.  Thanks hubby!*

I made a gif showing a little bit of how the moving wallpaper looks.  I know, I’m easily impressed, but it’s cool, no?  If I watch this gif too long though it’s going to give me motion sickness! The real version is less subtle.

There are links all over the web about what’s new and what apps you need, but here are a few good ones (IMO).

iMore :: pretty much everything you need to know!  So much info.

Mashable :: What’s new and lots more!

Tech Crunch :: Tips & Tricks


And now to get nekkie!

With my nails of course!  Sheesh. What did you think I was talking about?!


I mentioned in my last post that my brothers wedding is coming up this weekend. I have been planning my outfit for weeks, down to the colors I’m wearing on my fingers & toenails. Since neutrals started getting popular I have really wanted to try a nude nail, but when I go to the store, I always get overwhelmed with all of the options and end up leaving with either nothing or a non-neutral color.  Well, since I really wanted to wear a nude color and I’m a dork…I did some online research.  Because as we all know, sometimes the look of a polish in the bottle, isn’t necessarily what the polish is going to look like on your nails.  Most of the time I don’t have a problem, but my experience with lighter colors is that they have a tendency of being too sheer and I want an opaque one.  I don’t like it when you polish your nails, but you can still see the whites.  If I wanted that, I’d just wear a clear polish!  Anywho, there are some really awesome bloggers out there who do all the footwork for you and even have photos with reviews!

In my search I came up with OPI’s Samoan Sands and Essie’s Sand Tropez.  (See them both here. I really liked Pretzel My Buttons too!) I bought OPI first, but then thought I wanted a cooler neutral so I bought the Essie one.  I put them both on and put them next to the dress.  Samoan Sands looked better with the dress, but it was a little too sheer for my liking. Where as I liked the opacity of Essie’s Sand Tropez, but it was too cool for the dress.  I contemplated buying more neutrals, but instead turned my attention to finding a base coat that would hopefully solve my problem.  Again, like a dork, I turned to Google. This time I came up with Seche ridge filling base coat and Butter London Nail Foundation.  I tweeted after I left Ulta that night that people who work at a make-up store should have a little knowledge of their products.  I said this because the Ulta girl was completely clueless.  She was all, “well, the Seche is a big seller and people like it” (um, well, that’s a no brainer since it’s one of the cheapest polishes in the store!)  Then when I asked her about the Butter London one she said, “I don’t use it, but it’s supposed to be a really good one. We don’t sell a lot of it though.” Again..duh! Probably because it’s one of the most expensive polishes in the store! *insert eyeroll* And I didn’t just ask her about nail polish.  She wasn’t helpful with my eyeshadow questions either. If Ulta wasn’t so close and Sephora so far away, I wouldn’t go there at all, but occasionally I need a product that they carry.  If I had the time though, I would always choose Sephora. Their employees are always super helpful and most of the time knowledgeable or at least they pretend to be!

K, sorry, got a bit sidetracked…back to my polish!  Here are the side by side comparison’s (please excuse my scaly hands & crappy cuticles).

2013-09-19_0001(click pic to see larger)

The left thumb has Butter London underneath and the right thumb has the Seche base coat.  Not sure if you can tell in the photo, but Butter London was the clear winner for me.  It’s got a nice color to the base coat and it did what I wanted it to do, which is make the polish more opaque.  It went on smooth and without streaks.  This isn’t to say that the Seche one isn’t good. I really love the pearlescent color of the Seche, but it made the color of the polish not as warm and it was a little streaky, which wasn’t what I wanted.  I think under a more opaque color, the Seche would be great.


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