I cook…sometimes

My husband goes through health food phases trying to find out what his body does best with. For awhile he just ate healthy and exercised. Before that, he did the Atkins diet. A few years ago he focused on low sodium to get his blood pressure down…it worked great! He still watches his sodium, but not to the extent that he did when he was focusing on it hard core. After that, he did vegan which transformed into flexitarian without dairy. Now, he’s trying no gluten. Gluten can be linked to a myriad of health issues. I’ve told him for a year or so that he should try to cut out gluten. Well, he finally did it and like every new dietary phase he goes through, he starts to hate it after a few days because he feels super constricted and like he has a very small menu to eat from each day. I’ve been trying to find gluten-free products that he could munch on and we always look up gluten free options at restaurants.

Well, he’s in the hate it phase right now and he’s tired of eating out so last night he says to me,

“Do you think you could cook dinner tomorrow night?”

“Sure”, I said.

I was thinking today and thought, “What the heck? Hello crazy man, I made dinner last night!”

I mean, I got our food from the grocery store and we ate at home. End of story. I cooked!

Nevermind the fact that it was crab legs from the meat department and I had them season and steam them for me.

Details schme-tails, people! I still had to do dishes afterwards and that’s the WORST part of cooking dinner, so in my mind…I cooked!

Just sayin’



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