Camo craze…

I remember back when I was around 16-17 I think (maybe 15), camo/military clothing was in “fashion”.  Well, in fashion to me back then was whatever was being sold at my favorite mall shops like 5-7-9 and a store that I can’t remember the exact name, but they sold every color of Bongo jeans imaginable and there were buttons instead of zippers for the flies!  Sounds very fashionable, right?!  It was the early nineties, cut me a little slack, k?  😉

I distinctly remember a specific outfit.  I had gone to my uncle’s that day.  I probably remember because my mom took photos and I shot a gun for one of the first times.  I was wearing camo shorts, a sleeveless army green tee with a big star on the front and dog tags.  Not gonna lie, dressed in camo and shooting a gun…kinda felt like a badass.  Even though I wasn’t.  lol.  I’m not sure it was my best look, but it’s cool to remember it so clearly and then to see camo back into style.

Btw, is all fashion cringe worthy when you look back on it years later?  I think I’ve always taken a little risk with the way I dress, but I’ve always felt like my ultimate goal is to be classic/timeless with some edge/flair thrown in for fun.  After babies I got myself dressed just so I wouldn’t be naked and trust me, I would have worn a trash bag rather than go nekkie back then!  But now, 12 yrs later, I’m dressing more for me and because I care what I’m wearing.  I feel like I’m back in my younger years again though trying to find my style.  I guess it’s a process and after being out of the loop for 12 yrs there’s going to be an adjustment period.

Like I was saying, camo is BACK!  And, like when I was in my teens, I’m all over it.  Green is my favorite color.  There are a few shades of green that I don’t like, but for the most part, I love it.  I think it stems back to when I had a small modeling gig.  I was a mannequin model for the day and when I came in, the girl showing me the clothes they picked out for me said, “oh, awesome, green is YOUR color!”  Well, I liked green before, but her saying that green looked good on me, well…that was the clincher!

*random reminiscning moment* I had the worst guy partner in my window that day.  You’re supposed to be like a mannequin and that dude would not stay still and kept talking to me.  He was totally making me look bad!  😛

I know that camo was being worn over the summer, but I’m totally ready for my fall wardrobe so all my camo ideas are focused on cooler weather.

Camouflage skinnies with a grey top is probably my favorite combination right now!  I think it’s so wearable and easy to put together

2013-08-20_0001img source (left) :: img source (right)

Another easy combo…white button down with camo skinnies

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.23.15 AMimg source

And we can’t leave out camo with chambray!

DSC_0997 2img source

I’m clearly loving the camouflage skinny jeans, but I’m not opposed to a camo utility jacket, shirt, shoes or accessories!

Just not all together!  That would be a bit much for me.  😛
Would you wear camouflage or skip this trend?  If so, what’s you’re favorite way to wear it?

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4 thoughts on “Camo craze…

    • I’m obsessed Erin! I just got a pair of camo pants last week and I’ve been pinning all kinds of camo outfits! lol. As you could tell from my instagram, the post got me excited about my pants so I had to wear them today. Hopefully I’ll get a full length shot so I can blog my own outfit later! 😉

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