bye bye summer

Tomorrow is our official first day of school. At the start of summer I was ecstatic…no more schedules, trips to the pool mid-week, sleeping in, no more driving across town 4 times a day! Mid summer, I was still pretty pumped…we were having fun and relaxing. Two weeks ago, I couldn’t wait for school to start back…I was tired of being the entertainment and I’m ready to have back my quiet time during the day. Today, the weight of it hit me…back to early mornings, school supplies, making sure I have groceries for lunches, transporting two kids to/from school 5 days a week, HOMEWORK!

*sigh* Guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too. Gotta take the good with the bad.  Tomorrow we’ll be back to school and routine, but today I’m reliving the summer adventures we had.

“S” is for Summer (and strawberries!)


Sun, sand and surf in Destin, FL


Farewell summertime, you were good while you lasted and I’m certainly ready for you to be over, but come back soon!

tumblr_m9fi46S4DA1qa5svko1_400(image source)

I’m using today to prepare for the week (yes, in case you weren’t aware, I’m a procrastinator).  Anywho, I was wasting time online and started reminiscing about last year while looking at photos on my computer…easily distracted much? Why yes, yes I am.  Thank goodness I do get distracted though because while looking at last years first day photos, I realized that I still needed to print a “back to school” sign for first day pics!

I found two cute designs to pick from this year.  I think I’ll probably use the chalkboard ones, but I thought the notebook paper ones were super cute too.

FIRST-DAY-OF-5TH-GRADEGo here to download signs for all grades

7thgraderGo here to download all grades!


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