brunch date :: #whatiwore

I think brunch might be my favorite meal.  You don’t have to get up super early to make it to a restaurant before they get busy and you can eat breakfast or lunch, depending on your mood that day.  Hubs & I had the weekend to ourselves so in my quest to try more local restaurants, I chose Orsay for our brunch.  To be honest, I’d had brunch there once before, but it was good and the hubs hadn’t been there yet.  Sadly, I got zero pics of our food or anything helpful like that, but I can tell you that it was delicious yet again!  I ordered the daily quiche with side salad and the hubs had Steak Frites (fancy name for steak & fries).

Although I didn’t get any food pics or couple pics, I did manage to get some photos of my brunch outfit.  I was pumped to finally wear my polka dot jog pants!  I don’t know why I didn’t think to try to pair them with a chambray shirt.  I thought it looked cute together, but I’m new at this style/fashion thing so maybe I’m crazy.  😉  I wasn’t in love with my shoe choice, but I felt like it was my best option.  My favorite shoe with these pants are my Louboutin black pumps, but a heel seemed too dressy (I wasn’t in the mood to wear one anyway) and a flat just didn’t look right.

2013-08-12_0003chambray shirt :: polka dot joggers (Forever 21, not online anymore) :: shoes


In case you aren’t following me on Instagram (which btw, why not?!), my hubs surprised me with a Maya Brenner initial necklace on Friday.  I’ve been oohing & ahhing over them for a couple of months so I was super excited to finally have one.  It’s a delicate and dainty little thing and I love it.  I’ve worn it daily since it arrived!  It’s hard to see in the above pic, but I tried to crop it closer so you can get a better look.


Style Elixir

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