A good deal + #whatiwore

I have a Kohl’s right around the corner from me, but I don’t go all that often.  Mostly it’s hit or miss in the clothing/shoes department so I go when I need something, but it’s usually when I’m desperate and half the time, they don’t have what I need.

My daughter is being a typical teenager (technically not a “teen” for another 6.5 weeks, but in my mind, she’s a teen already) and being super picky with her clothes for school.  She’s still finding her style and sometimes our shopping trips are…difficult.  To be fair, sometimes she loves something and it’s a big fat N-O from me so it’s finding the middle ground that can be somewhat challenging.  She’s at that age where she’s too old for the kiddie clothes, but junior sizes are very hit or miss.  Some fitting good enough and others being WAY too big.  Well, we stopped by Kohl’s to look at backpacks, but I told her we should check out the clothes to see if any of the XS’s fit.  Considering she recently told me she would be perfectly happy with just jeans and graphic tees for school shopping…we hit the motherload in Kohl’s!

afterlightWe got these 6 tee’s plus another batman one (yes, she’s obsessed with batman right now and apparently so are the stores!).  All for $8.99 each.  She’s happy, my wallet’s happy…win-win!  Not to mention that I got $20 in Kohl’s bucks that I could redeem as early as the NEXT DAY!  Woot!

Stay with me…I’m getting to my good deal point…the Kohl’s bucks are a crucial part of my story 😉

Anywho, you can’t stop in Kohl’s without looking around because you never know when you’re going to find a good deal.  I have a pair of flats I found there 2 years ago that I LOVED and wore the heck out of, so I usually stop by the shoes just to see if there’s anything I *have* to have.  Well blogland, I was freaking ecstatic to see these babies.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.30.29 PM

I have been loving the simple little strappy heels I’ve seen all over the fashion blogs, but most of them are 4″ heels or higher and that is taller than I wanted. These babies though?  Under 4″! The problem?  They didn’t have my size.  Boooo for big feet.  😦

I really wanted to get them locally, but as a last resort, they were available online.  The minute I got home that night I called the next closest Kohls, but they didn’t have my size.  Then I called the only other Kohl’s that I was willing to go to.  I was on hold for 20 min, but hung up because I decided the guy must have forgotten about me so I made plans to head over there first thing the next morning.

The next morning I was up and atem, snagged a latte on my drive over and made a beeline to the shoes when I got there.  Bad news….they didn’t have my size.  Good news….I found these babies!!


White shoes are all the rage lately, but since the fashion industry is so fickle, I was fine missing out on this trend.  I wasn’t interested in spending a lot of money on something that may be out of style next season.  However, not only were these beauties strappy like I wanted and although the heel looks tall, the small platform makes them very wearable, but the best part….they were on a big sale…originally $75, on sale for $26.

Remember the $20 in Kohl’s bucks from my purchase the day before?  Oh yes I did.  I got these shoes for $6, friends….SIX BUCKS!!  At that price they are pretty much disposable.  lol.  But I think I’ll keep them around for a little while.

Here’s how I styled them for their first night out…

2013-07-30_0001All of my clothing pieces are old.  The blazer, H&M :: jeans AND top are Jessica Simpson brand, Dillards :: jewelry, the Limited & Target :: shoes, Kohl’s :: BCBGeneration clutch, Dillards (same, but different color)


Btw, I totally ordered the nude pair as well.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious I need BOTH, right?!  😉

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