feeling quiet…

Does everyone overanalyze their blog posts?  I constantly question myself about anything I think about posting.  I question myself before I write a post, after I write it and even shortly after it’s published.

“Are there too many outfit posts? Are my outfits stupid? Will anyone like them?”

“Ugh, these photos suck.  I want to put that outfit on again and take different pics” (but it never happens)

“I should talk about something more interesting”

“I should write about *insert something I did recently*” (but then lose momentum when too much time has passed between said activity and the blog post)

“I should *insert whatever you think I should be writing about or wearing*”

It’s been 10 days since my last post. *that felt a little like a 12-step program opening statement, but whatevs.  Like I said…10 days.  Forever in blogland time. I keep wanting to post something, but it keeps going a little something like this…

open a new post
wonder what to write
decide that I have nothing to say
close the tab and figure that something brilliant will come to me so then I can write something maybe at least halfway interesting

Problem is…I’ve been on the quiet side lately so nothing is just “coming” to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing stuff.  But when it comes to writing about it (or anything else for that matter), I just go blank or over think it so much that it’s too much hassle.

Hence…this post about nothing!  😉

And since a post is completely pointless with out photos…

2013-07-10_0001fireworks from our belated July 4th celebration, complete with a visit from the Clay County Po-Po because of said fireworks

DSCF1650-Editmy mom’s crazy pup, who was completely terrified of the fireworks, but insisted on sitting by the door and waiting for her humans to come back in


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