Pale girl rant

So, I was browsing the interwebs, as I do often, looking at fashion inspiration.  I have been contemplating trying on some crochet shorts and wanted to see if I could find any bloggers who were fair skinned and wearing the white/ivory crocheted shorts.  My browsing did not come up with any good examples, but I came across this article.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.08.30 PM

Seems ok.  Figured I’d read what it had to say…

and then I saw #4

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 5.41.51 PM

Seriously?!  First of all, I could have done with out the “hideous” comment.  Maybe “doesn’t look as attractive” or something, but hideous?  Why does your skin need to be tan to be beautiful?!  How about all skin is beautiful whether it’s dark or light or any shade in between?!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 5.53.06 PM

Now I may be a little sensitive about this subject because thanks to UV rays, I now have a 1.5″ scar on my nose, a 3″ horizontal scar on my upper arm and a bald spot on my scalp that will never grow hair.  Not to mention a dermatology check up every 6 mos to make sure I don’t have any more skin cancers and the constant worry of, “is this cancerous?” when a new bump/spot pops up.  To say that I’m leery of the sun would be a very true statement.  I do love to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, but trying to be tan in my younger years, hasn’t done me any favors.

But wait you say, this person is saying you should self tan so your rant about UV rays is pointless.

Yes, you would be right.  She is indeed.  Which I do have to praise her for.  But, at the same time she’s saying that you should fix yourself by adding self tanner because your pale skin looks “hideous” with white pants.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I think everyone has features they should play on and features that maybe they would benefit from downplaying.  I do try to dress for my body type and look at what works for me and not necessarily what’s in fashion.  Which is why I was contemplating the crocheted shorts in the first place because I’m not sure they would look that great on me.  And even though I’m not above putting on a little self tanner so I don’t inadvertently blind someone, I feel like pale skin is still being dubbed as not okay or not as beautiful as tan skin and I think that’s a load of crap.  Pale skin is beautiful too!  Embrace your skin color whatever it may be and work what your mama gave ya!

Ok, sorry about that.  Rant over.  Her comment just hit a nerve and I needed to get my frustration out.

And just to make a point, here are some great examples of fair skinned ladies wearing white and rocking it.

2013-06-02_0001Forever Amber/Emma Roberts/Rooney Mara/Emma Stone/Nicole Kidman


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