Good eats…

I have yet to get into a summertime groove.  It’s the second week of summer break and we’re still being lazy bums over here.  I need to get to the grocery and start planning meals like, yesterday!  Without the hassle of picking up the kids in the afternoon, there is no excuse to not be making dinner most nights.  Not to mention that I’ve added a few unwanted lbs and eating out all the time is not helping.  I was hoping to get on a regular exercise routine this week as well, but my body had other plans.  I go to the doc at the end of next week and hopefully won’t have any restrictions, but until then, I’ll just be doing light exercise.

While most of these aren’t dinner ideas, they are some of my food pins that are on my to-make list for the summer…

How great would it be to have a pancake mix like this on hand instead of the premade mixes?!  I’d probably try using coconut oil instead of the canola though.

200804img1705Pancake Mix

I’m always game for a new quinoa recipe and this one for breakfast sounds pretty promising.

4fd7222876ab0181_IMG_6538.previewQuinoa Egg Bake

rotel-canned-tomato-salsa-recipe-mountain-mama-cooks-2Yummy looking salsa…love me some chips & salsa!

These next two chicken recipes are right up my alley…only a few ingredients and simple!

exps12378_GAC1115479C80Sweet & simple marinade recipe

crock-pot-beer-chickenCrockpot Beer Chicken recipe

And with any leftover chicken I will definitely try out this salad dressing…

strawberrybalsamic saladStrawberry Balsalmic Salad

Obviously this warm weather has left me craving dessert since I have 4 yummy dessert recipes calling my name…

grain_free_chocolate_chip_cookie_dough_bites_2Grain-free PB Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites – These cookies have an unconventional ingredient, but I’m really curious to see how they taste

keyli9meparfait8Key Lime Parfaits

waffle-strawberry-trifle-2-med108372_vertWaffle-and-Strawberry Trifle

popcornCookies & Cream Popcorn

This next recipe is only for the adults, but I am dying to have somewhere to take them so I can try them out!

6a00d8358081ff69e201901d31a769970b-800wiVodka Gummi Bears

What about you…Any good recipes you’ve found lately or any that you want to try?


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