Teensy bit obsessed…

Woo!  Happy Hump Day friends!  It’s June (aka, the start of summer) and this is the last week of school!  I know that in a couple of weeks I will start to crave schedules again, but for now, I can’t wait to be schedule FREE!  Late mornings, beach/pool days, movies & golf without homework or school nights looming over us….we’re FREEEEEEE!

Anywho…on to the subject at hand…

I believe I already mentioned that I’ve been on a shoe buying craze lately.  Seriously…it’s bad.  What’s worse is that I could easily buy another 10-15 pair right NOW.

I’m currently lusting after these puppies…


1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 :: 11 :: 12

There are obviously some duplicates (or very similar in style) in there so I’d probably add the boat shoes I wanted and maybe another fun colored/printed shoe, another flat sandal and a comfy wedge or espadrilles instead of a couple of those.  Then again…they all have their own unique qualities so how could I give any of them up?  Hypothetically of course since my wallet, nor my closet can handle all of these shoes!

If I had to pick a couple to have right now I’d probably pick #2 because I’ve been buying a lot of brown, but have only one pair of black flat sandals, #8 because I still need a low wedge brown sandal and #12 because I am dying for a strappy heel that isn’t 4+ inches tall.  How about you?  Any of these shoes on your own lust list?

If you can’t tell, I am LOVING the ankle strap this season.  Are you as obsessed with the ankle strap as I am?


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