Five Things Friday…

On my mind this week….

Getting my gym legs (gym equivalent of sea legs ;)) back.  The gym was full of boys (blech!) on Tuesday.  They hog all the free weight benches and when I do scoot in to get a bench, I sorta feel like they’re judging me for taking up one of their precious benches to use my measly baby weights.  It didn’t help that it’s been a couple of months since I was in last and I was sort of floundering in my workout anyway.  Oh well, I managed to get a good workout in regardless and was pretty happy that I could still do 3 sets of push-ups even though my pectorals and lats are STILL super sore three days later!



I have to admit something…I’m becoming a bit of a mango addict.  I love them!  The past two summers I maybe had 2-3 the whole summer.  Now, I’m eating 2-3 a week!  I’m slightly obsessed with them lately.



I got these adorable jog pants at Forever 21 last week and I cannot find a shirt that goes with them to save my life.  I keep buying shirts that I think will work, bring them home and try them on with the pants and then get annoyed b/c they don’t look good.  I’m starting to wonder if I made a mistake buying the pants in the first place.  They were only $22 so it’s not a huge deal if they go unworn, but I really loved them when I tried them on in the dressing room.  :o/

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.32.37 PM


Sperrys!  I’ve been a shoe buying maniac lately so I’m trying to reign it in, but I have been lusting over these Sperry boat shoes since I tried them on the other day.  I’m trying very hard to talk myself out of buying them!


I love the leopard print, but look at how cute this anchor pair is!  OMG.  I think I might need these instead.



I have been looking everywhere for a chambray shirt that I like.  I found this one at H&M and I was telling my hubs about it, who then asked what chambray was and I had to admit that I didn’t know the difference between chambray & denim.  *hangs head*  So, what’s a girl to do?  Turn to my friend Google, of course.  She’s always there for me.

denimCome to find out, there IS a difference between the two.  I kinda thought the terms were interchangeable.

ME <——— fashion noob

But, I’m in the know now so I now know that the shirt I found was “denim”, not chambray.  For a second I thought about taking it back, but after doing a little digging I found out that people use them interchangeably in outfits so I’m keeping it.  I’ll still be on the hunt for a good chambray one though!

*btw, yellow pants over there…$15 at H&M right now.  They had a mint color too, but they didn’t have my size.  😥


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

  1. This post is just speaking my language this week! I usually go to the gym in the morning and I too feel judged – just hold your head high! Most of the juice heads are too busy grunting to notice what anyone else is doing 😉

    And I LOVE those polka dot pants! Maybe try a flowy silk or polyester tank or button down? JCPenney has the Worthington, Liz Claiborne and Joe Fresh lines that are really affordable and brightly colored! Good luck!!


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