I’m gonna need a bigger closet

I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell or not, but I’ve recently become just slightly obsessed with fashion.  The most I’ve been since having kids actually.  I tried to remember back before husband and babies and while it was 15yrs ago, I do remember taking a portion of my tips (I was a Bennigan’s waitress back in the day) and going to the mall every week.  I also remember having a $500 JCP card & a $300 Victoria’s Secret credit card that were always pretty close to limit.  Although it’s apparent I was once in to shopping, this is the first time I’ve really been interested in fashion.  Like, putting whole outfits together with accessories & such.

As you can imagine, after 15 yrs, two babies, a myriad of sizes from 0-10…my wardrobe was kinda sad.  Toss in the fact that when I did buy things, I bought things that would get me by, but not necessarily classic staples.  Which means, half of the stuff I bought that still fits, ends up getting tossed because I don’t like it anymore.

So…for the last few months I’ve been buying some much needed additions to my wardrobe.

basicsblack blazer (H&M) :: jean jacket (H&M) :: seersucker blazer (the Limited) :: black sheath dress (the Limited)
nude wedges (Gianni Bini) :: brown flats (Gianni Bini) :: black pumps (Christian Louboutin)
striped tee (H&M) :: white tee (the Limited) :: white sleeveless blouse (H&M) :: black pencil skirt (Express)

And, because shopping for staples is boring without some ‘just because’ pieces thrown in…here are some of the fun purchases I’ve made

Apr-May_shopping copy

1) I am in L.O.V.E with my new DVF wedges (anniversary present from my hubs!)

2) You know when you try something on, and the instant you put it on, you know that you have to have it?  That was this Cremieux striped maxi.  I was not leaving the store without it!

3) white peplum & pink sequin pencil skirt (black version)

4) neon distressed chinos (clearance rack at AE)

5) boyfriend jeans (Target) – not the most awesome boyfriend jeans ever, but at $30 and the only ones I’ve found thus far that I even liked on me, I was sold!

6) Vince Camuto low heeled sandal


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