Trend :: Jumpsuits

I’m not a big fan of change, so it takes me a year or two to warm up to new fashion trends.  Of course the downside of taking a while to warm up to something, usually means I jump on the band wagon while the rest of the world is slowly moving on to a new trend.  I’m usually one step behind, but that’s ok with me.  😉

Like always, I’m a little late to the party with the jumpsuit trend.  I thought it was new this year, but when I googled it, apparently it is definitely not new.  *sigh*

Anywho, I didn’t think I would like this trend at all.  I don’t have a good track record with one piece items (I guess I have a longer torso so the size I need for the torso, doesn’t usually match the size I need for my clothing size) so when I picked up a jumpsuit the other day to try on, I really didn’t expect to like it.  I thought it was pretty though so I grabbed it to try it on.

Imagine my surprise when I put it on and kinda didn’t want to take it off.  It was loose and comfy, but I felt stylish.  I could see it with some barely there sandal heels, but also cute with flats & a jean jacket.  I ended up leaving without it because honestly, I’m still not confident in what looks good on me and what doesn’t, so I wasn’t convinced that I would wear it past this summer.  It was also $130, which would have been okay if I wore the heck out of it for a year or two, but IMO a little steep for a one hit wonder outfit.  I have been thinking about it ever since though so I think I’m going to be on the hunt for a more affordable version.

Here‘s the one I tried on.  In hindsight, I probably should have tried on the next size down, but I was accounting for my long(ish) torso and yes, the leg length is a little LONG (I’m only 5’4″  :))


And here are a few from around the web that I’m lovin’…

Wendy’s Lookbook

Rachel Zoe Utilitarian Turquoise Jumpsuit – Spring 2013


What do you think…will you get in on this trend?  Check out some I found for sale right now…
Forever 21-1, Forever 21-2, Forever 21-3 ::  H&M shorts romper :: ASOS-1, ASOS-2
dressy jumpsuit (splurge)


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