One Piece, Three Ways :: #whatiwore

MK over at Outfit Posts decided to do a fun little Spring remix post about how to wear one piece, two ways.  She featured all the reader submissions on her blog today and I wanted to share mine here.  For your viewing pleasure, I also included a third (basic) option.  😉

My one piece is the Striped Convertible Neckline Slub dress from Express.  It’s a cotton material, so it’s pretty comfy and you can wear it with a high neckline or turn it around and wear it with a lower neckline.  I decided to do a day to night inspired look.  Day (on the left) would be say, at your 9-5’er.  Then, for your Night look…you slip off the pencil skirt, turn the dress around (lower neckline), change your shoes, throw on some leather and you’re ready for the club (or date).  The third look (in the middle) could be considered “weekend” wear.  Here in FL, you can’t have too many layers during the 90+ degree days or you might heat to death.  🙂

I feel like it’s important to add that, with almost all of my Express purchases, I use a coupon.  They put a coupon out often that’s along the lines of $15 off $30, $30 off $90 and $50 off $150.  I hardly ever pay full price unless I really need something and there isn’t a coupon out.


*disclaimer – Hubs does not approve of my “night” shoes.  He said I should have kept the heels on.  lol.  Honestly, IRL if I were going from day to night and going for drinks, I would have probably kept the heels on, but I wanted to make the night outfit a little funkier.  So, if you hate the booties,
<——– here it is with the heels.

 Inadvertently, this post could be titled Express clothing remix (with the exclusion of the shoes) since all of my clothing pieces are Express brand.

Pencil Skirt
Jacket (old, but similar here)
Booties (Target, but pretty much sold out
similar here, here & here)
Sandals (Target)


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