Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life

Wake-up around 6:45
Make a cup of coffee and catch up on blog reading while trying to wake up
7:20am – Play cabbie driving the middle schooler to school & rewarding myself with a latte while I’m doing it


9:30am – Take dog to the groomers


10am – 12pm More computer time with laundry & dishes mixed in
Thoughts of needing to get dressed and go exercise
Phone calls that lead to someone coming to our house at noon (guess the gym is out now!)
1pm – lunch


2pm – back in the car to pick up the dog from the groomers (^^aww, she’s so purty)
3:30pm – Afternoon school pick up.  More driving…yay!  :o/
5:30pm – Head to yoga for some much needed stretching and relaxation
8pm – pick up dinner on my way home from yoga


9pm – shower
10pm – on couch, snuggled with the hubs, watching some tv and surfing on the iPad

The End  🙂


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