things that make me squirm…

Day 3 in the bloggity blog challenge…What makes me uncomfortable

Not the usual stuff like talking about myself (I’m pretty much an open book and will tell you more than you want to know) or having boudoir photos taken, standing in my skivies for my dermatologist or even going to the gynecologist.  Geez, it kinda sounds like I’m full of myself, but that’s really far from the truth.  Those particular things just don’t bother me, but there are plenty of others that definitely make me squirm…


  • Bodily functions
  • Awkward silence
  • Confrontation :: I will do just about anything to avoid confrontation, even though that sometimes means I get walked all over.  I have this irrational need to be liked by everyone, regardless of whether I like them or not.  Not to mention that just because you speak up for yourself doesn’t mean they won’t like you.
  • Meeting new people :: this one is a biggie for me.  I am so bad with meeting new people.  I want to meet new people and I like to be around them, but if I’m in a group setting, my mind will go blank and I can’t make conversation to save my life.  If I’m one on one, most of the time I end up with verbal diarrhea and say whatever crosses my mind.  People usually have a misconception of who I really am.  In school I would gradually start talking to people and after they got to know me they’d say, “I used to think you were so stuck up”.  In reality, I was just shy and introverted. Once I get to know you though, I am fairly normal (I think, lol).
  • Being put on the spot :: undoubtably I ALWAYS freeze up.  My mind goes blank and then everyone thinks I’m lame.
  • Vain things like having a huge zit or when my pits sweat and my shirt is visibly wet under my arm.  I seriously have a pit sweating problem.  I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants (antiperspirant & deodorant), but nothing works.  If I didn’t hate needles so much I’d botox those buggers!

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