My life :: in a nutshell

So, there’s this blog challenge that I learned about today on Saturated Canary.  It’s a blog everyday in May challenge that Jenni, from Story of My Life is leading us in.  I’m one day behind already, but I’m not letting that deter me.  I don’t plan on blogging every day, but maybe I’ll blog more than usual and maybe you’ll learn a little more (maybe too much?) about me.  😉  Click that little pic below to see the challenge and join in!

Day 1, Wednesday Thursday: The story of your life in 250 words or less

Here goes…

I’m a Floridian born and raised. When I got married we had brief stints in Savannah, GA and Raleigh, NC, but once I got pregnant, we came back to FL to be around family.


I’m from a family of 4 siblings (youngest brother wasn’t born yet in above pic) and was the baby of the family for 8.5 yrs…then my brother came along and ruined my fun.  Haha..j/k.  I loved having a baby brother to play mommy to.  *fun fact…My sister is 9yrs older than I am and I am 9 yrs older than my brother.  Then my other brother is thrown in the middle of my sister and I.  He had fun torturing us as the middle child.

I’m the only one of my siblings that did not play a musical instrument in school.  The piano was the only instrument I was interested in, but we couldn’t afford to buy one for the house, thus…nothing to practice on.

We moved to a neighboring city the summer before my senior year of HS.  Since we moved to a different county, I had to change schools.  I cried several days during the first few weeks of school and I’m pretty sure I made my mom feel terrible (being a mom, I imagine she must have spent some time feeling sad for me and maybe cried a few times herself).  I’m not very outgoing, so making friends was (is) difficult.  Thankfully I found a crazy New Yorker to befriend (another new girl) who was very outgoing so I piggybacked of her socialization.  Her name was Katie too.  Most people would ask Katie ____ or other Katie.  I was “other Katie” every single time.  Hey, I’m not going to complain.  Without her, I would have been “who’s Katie?”.  Plus, because of her and who she knew, I met my husband in HS.  We wouldn’t meet up again and fall in love until 1.5 yrs later, but that was where we first met.

My twenties are a blur…Got married at 20, had babies at 22 and 25.  Spent most of the decade learning how to be a wife and mother.


Now, I spend my time…being a wife & mom (toting kids to and from school/events, helping with homework, making ordering dinner, trying to be a good wife), addicted to social media (FB, twitter, pinterest, instagram), blogging about anything that’s on my mind, shopping (making up for lost years of not shopping because I didn’t like the way anything looked on me), taking pretty pictures, trying to stay fit & healthy, and working on figuring out who I am and what I want to do when I grow up.

Whoops…I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure I went over 250.  :oP


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