date night :: #whatiwore

It’s been awhile since hubs & I had a real date night where we got all dolled up.  Usually we’re just happy to have alone time so we end up having a casual dinner and enjoy hanging out together.  I have to admit that we’d already been out that day and I was seriously fighting the urge to wash my face, jump into my pj’s and settle in under my blanket on the couch.  I think it’s pretty obvious from my previous sentence that I’m a hard core party animal so….I threw on some (ridiculously awesome) pumps, a leather jacket, touched up my make-up and we were off!  What else could I do?  We were kid free and I had been waiting on an excuse to wear my new shoes for weeks!


shirt: H&M (similar, similar)
jeans: ReRock by Express
jacket: Express (similar, similar)
shoes: Christian Louboutin


Love, love, loving my recent purchase from Paris.  This was their first real outing since being back in the states and they were amazing.  I want to live in them 24/7!


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