I {heart} shopping

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not the most fashionable person I know.  But with the help of the fashion savvy people in my life, Pinterest and the interwebs, I’m getting better (I think).

I’ve been having a lot of fun shopping lately.  I don’t always love shopping, but I’ve found a ton of fun stuff recently.  Shopping comes in waves for me.  Sometimes I try to shop and there’s nothing good out.  Other times, I find all kinds of great stuff.  We got an H&M in our city this past year and I have been horribly overwhelmed whenever I tried to shop there.  However, I must have been in a good shopping mood the other day because I was finally able to find a few things to try on…yay!  That was just the start of my shopping fun.

H&M finds…awesome blazer for $20, the shirt underneath and a cute summer sweater with a zipper at the back neckline (not pictured :().


Dillards…Michael Kors top (on sale for $27!) and Jessica Simpson Jeans. (already owned the Gianni Bini nude wedges)


Now to figure out the jewelry.  Accessories are my biggest obstacle, my kryptonite…whatever you want to call it.  I just can’t seem to visualize it very well when I’m out buying jewelry and I seriously…over think it!  I really love the layering look that’s popular right now so I think a couple of layered necklaces would look great with this outfit.  Just gotta find some!  Maybe I’ll cheat and buy the layered necklaces that are all in one.

In addition to looking for a necklaces to layer, I’ve been looking for bracelets to add to my collection so I can sport an arm party like these girls.

TBDarmparty1Source: The Beauty Department

maya_brenner_glitter_guide111-e1320353216610Source: The Glitter Guide

Target shoe finds…Red wedges. Don’t these just scream SUMMER?!  I love them!  They’re pretty comfy too.

red wedges

Yellow Merona ballet flats

yellow flat

Those who know me, know that I’m usually in jeans & tees or workout wear (see exhibit A & B below).  I’m just trying to get more fashionable so that when I do actually have somewhere to go other than the grocery, school or the gym…I’ll have something cute to wear.  😉

Exhibit A & B…my daily attire along with jeans & t-shirts


Sorry about my cut off head.  I’m usually not made up or I feel like a dork smiling for the camera when I’m trying to show my outfit.  It’s a bit ridiculous how much I cut my head off though.  I’ll have to get better about that!


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