Project: Life

So, like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I’m trying this whole 365 thing again.  Maybe 3rd times a charm and I’ll make it all the way to the end or maybe I’ll make it a few months longer than last time.  I have no expectations.  I am trying really hard to keep it up though, even if most of my pics are boring, repetitive and non-creative.  The point is to document daily life, right?!  Some days are more exciting than others.  😉

I’m posting all of my 365 photos on my Instagram stream, so hit me up there if you want to keep up daily!  You can find me here, katiehigg.


And because I’m crazy like that and apparently needed something else to keep up with, I’m trying my hand at 365 via video.  There’s this cool app called One Second Everyday.  It takes a second from every day and then mashes them together into a movie.  I didn’t start until January 11th and I missed a few days already but, it’s super cool anyway.  Check out month 1.

Music is Meghan Arias, “Have A Good Life”


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