On my iPod…

It’s one of those times where I want to blog, but don’t have much to say.  Or rather, think what I have to say is stupid or boring.  But, I’m really trying to blog more so I was wracking my brain to come up with a quick, somewhat interesting post that isn’t about fitness.  I swear that’s not all I think about.

Okay, so in an effort to get away from fitness or health, I give you my latest music obsessions…

Imagine Dragons ::

Their first song, “It’s Time”, took a few listens to grow on me, but I’ve been listening to the whole album lately and it pretty much rocks.  “Every Night”, “Hear Me” and “Bleeding Out” are in a three way tie for my favorite song on the album.

photo 1

Maroon 5 ::

This album took me a few listens before I liked listening to it all the way through, but now I dig it.  “Beautiful Goodbye” is probably my favorite from the album.

photo 3

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ::

I just downloaded this one a few days ago, but I like what I’ve heard.  He got my attention with “Thrift Shop” and then I downloaded “Same Love” as the Starbucks pick of the week and I was hooked.  I haven’t listened to it all the way through yet, but my favorite (so far) is “Can’t Hold Us”.

photo 2


And since I’m always so late to the party when it comes to new music, how about one that you may not have heard of…

Meghan Arias ::

She is the wife to an awesome photographer that I follow.  There are only 4 songs on the album, but they’re all good.  My kids love all of the songs too!  You can check her out here.





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