Say What?! :: Monday Motivation

What’s more motivating that a 74yo CrossFitting grandma?  Check out this article I read in Fitness Magazine this past weekend.  If this isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is!

photo 4 photo 3

Reading stories like that really impress me, but they also light a little fire under me and make me want to go workout.  So on that note…check out this awesome Booty Blaster Workout from FitnessRx Mag.  I’m printing it out and putting it on my gym to-do list pronto!

4×15 (each leg) diagonal lunges
4×15 (each leg) weighted bench step-ups
4×15 leg curls
4×15 jump squats
4×15 (each leg) cable kickbacks
4×15 deadlifts
4×15 weighted sumo squats
*Rest 30 seconds after each set…also make sure weight is challenging but you can maintain correct form


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