Randoms on a Thursday…

::  I randomly start singing songs from Disney movies while I’m aimlessly perusing the internet…specifically Mulan.

It’s true.  I have no idea why it happens.  I’ve probably only watched it once in the past 8 yrs!

I start humming and before I know it, I’m singing, “please bring honor to us, please bring honor to us, please bring honor to us allllllll”  I’ll admit…I’m weird.  But Mulan is a pretty kick butt movie so I guess there are worst things I could hum.

::  My hubs got me these coolio bluetooth headphones for Christmas and it’s so awesome to be wireless!!  I’ve worn them running and weight lifting. They rock and I love not having to deal with the cord.  Plus, when you’re on a cardio machine, you can prop your phone up to watch a show without worrying about hitting the cord and knocking it down.  😉

photo 1

::  I’ve been wanting to try avocado pudding for a few months now and I finally did it last night.  I was a little leery.   I mean, I love avocado, but as pudding?  With chocolate?  I was skeptical.

Buuut, I’m all about trying a freaky combination if it turns into a sinfully delicious tasting treat that happens to be good for me.

Ta da!!

photo 3

Okay, so it looks kinda gross in this pic and the avocado didn’t puree as much as I wanted it to (hence that little yellow/green chunk sticking out), but it was pretty creamy and definitely tasty.  I ate a little last night and then froze the rest in a popsicle mold.  I have no idea if it will be good as a popsicle, but I figured it was worth a shot.  Here’s the recipe I sorta used, http://foodnouveau.com/2012/10/recipes/desserts/luscious-chocolate-avocado-pudding/.  Except I only had 1/2 of an avocado so I had to adjust the measurements and I wanted it to be vegan so I used almond milk.  I also added a little bit of PB.  Yum!!!

::  In almost exactly 2 months, my daughter and I will be jetting off to Paris!  I am uber excited, but also starting to have panic attacks at the same time.  I’m a bit of a worry wart and an OCD over thinker so the thought of everything that we need to remember to pack and the fast pace of the trip and the super long plane ride that I’m terrified of getting motion sickness during…omg…I’m going to throw up.  Anywho, I heard about a countdown app this morning on the radio and I’m not sure if it will make it more exciting or more anxiety inducing, but it’s called Timenotes and it gives you a countdown to any big events you add to the calendar.  It sounded kinda cool and since I’m super excited about my first trip out of the country, now that I’m typing it out, I’m worried (see, worry wart and over thinker) it isn’t a good idea to have it on my phone.  However, if you AREN’T crazy like me, you might want to check it out.  😉


::  I decided I should probably cut back the coffee intake so I started drinking hot lemon & honey water in the morning thinking that it was just warmth I wanted in the morning, not specifically coffee.


After 2 days, I started craving coffee after I drank my lemon water so after taking the 2nd kiddo to school, I’ve been stopping by Starbucks.  Not good….not good at all.  I think I should switch it up and have coffee some days and lemon water other days b/c I definitely do NOT need to get Sbux every day.  Not only is it bad for my wallet and sugar intake, but it causes me to skip breakfast and that’s not what I should be doing.

photo 2

It is super yummy though and I have thoroughly enjoyed my last two morning lattes.  😉

[random #542] :: I’m trying to cut the animal products down where I can, so I finally got around to ordering this all natural, gluten-free, gmo free, vegan protein.  It has a bit of a following on FB and everyone says it’s delicious.  I just hope it lives up to my Jay Robb protein.



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