Monday (err..Tuesday) Motivation

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s not Monday.  We had a 4 day weekend and it threw me all off.  Soooo, since it’s the first day of the school week, I’m choosing to post it anyway.

Cuz it’s my blog and I make the rules…that’s why!  😉


If you hate working out or being active…try something new and different to spice up your routine.

Maybe you’ll find a form of exercise you love and maybe you won’t.  Maybe there isn’t anything that you don’t have to give yourself a pep talk to do, but maybe you’ll find something that requires less of a pep talk to get you going.

I don’t hate working out…

But I don’t love it either.

I’m naturally more of a chill type of person.  I’d much rather read or play a game or chat, than be active.

I do, however, love being fit.  I love the way I feel when I’ve finished a workout.  If I’m hitting the weights, I love the way I feel while I’m lifting.  I love feeling strong.  I love to be able to do things that others can’t do (not because I’m special, but because I’ve worked hard to get there).  But, whether I’m going for a walk/run, riding my bike, going to the gym, whatever….deciding I’m going to do it and then actually getting out the door, is the hardest part.


I’ve been in kind of a rut.  I’ve lost my motivation and I’m trying to get it back.  In doing so, I have finally started trying different forms of exercise that I’ve wanted to try for years.  Last month, I tried dance fitness because I love to dance and the thought of learning dance routines to current pop songs was pretty much as good as it gets for me.  There is a local place called Dance Trance.  I always see their posts on FB and it looks like they have a blast.  A Groupon deal for a one month pass came up so I figured it was now or never!  The atmosphere was great and the class was a lot of fun, but the location isn’t very convenient to me and I didn’t end up making it to very many classes that month, so I decided to stick with my Just Dance for the Wii for my dance fitness.

Next up…Yoga!  I’ve done a little bit of yoga, but I wanted to try it at an actual yoga studio instead of at home with a dvd or at the gym.  I was browsing yoga studios close to me and saw that one had a 4 week beginner series starting up.

Yesterday was my first class and I have to say, I could definitely see myself being a yoga fanatic.

Once you start limbering up more and learn the poses so that you can flow easily from one pose to another I can see it being extremely therapeutic.  I left class yesterday feeling loose and relaxed.  I can’t wait for my next class!

Since that is a whole week away, I’ll be hitting the gym until then.


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