You wouldn’t know it…

by looking at my clutter, but I actually LOVE organization.  I dream of having a completely color coordinated closet, a pantry stocked full of pretty containers with chalkboard labels, a spare bedroom that someone could actually stay in….the list goes on and on.

One of my biggest downfalls with this blog is that it resembles how I am in real life…a bit scatterbrained and all over the place, but also slightly OCD and craving organization.  I have a lot to say one day and then literally have nothing to say the next…I open up and say whatever randomness that pops in my head and then regret opening up and get quiet again.

Sooooo, I thought it might be helpful to have a blog schedule.  This way when I start feeling like I have nothing to write about, I will have some sort of direction to go in.

Here’s my plan…

Motivated Monday or Move It Monday – On Mondays I have a hard time getting moving.  Being an at-home mom, I tend to slack on Mondays (most days if I’m being honest :P), so on these days I want to post something motivating.  It may be an inspirational quote, maybe an inspiring story, maybe just that we made it to school on time and I packed the kids nutritious lunches.  It may be fitness, health, life related or just something personal that I accomplished.  Project Life 365 will probably be posted on Mondays as well.

Techie Tuesday or Thursday – I don’t have that much tech sharing to do so it will either be Tuesday or Thursday and it will be about anything having to do with technology….phones, computers, cameras, etc.

What I Wore Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday – Hump day is hard.  You’re in the middle of the week and sometimes you’re just doing anything you can to make it to the end.  Depending on the week I’ll post either an outfit post or a photo to share.

Foodie Friday – Pretty explanatory.  On Fridays I hope to post about a new food/recipe we tried, a food/ingredient I love or just what I ate sometime during the week.

All of these won’t happen every week.  Sometimes I’ll have my rambling posts instead, but I needed some direction for when my head goes silent and I can’t think of anything to write about.

Okay…now that that’s out of the way…let’s get it started with…

Whatever Wednesday!

lol.  I didn’t have an outfit and this post is obviously not wordless.  :oP

The hubs was out of town recently and we were all video chatting via Google+.  For some reason, the kids cannot just chat on video, they have to make it more fun than that and start playing with Google Effects.

Did you know I am mom to a pirate dog and an angel puppy?

Screen Shot2 Screen Shot3

Which doesn’t make sense at all considering I’m a kitty.  😉

Screen Shot1Their giggles were infectious.  How could I resist joining in on the fun?  😉


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