Project Life 365…here we go again!

I don’t know what it is about the 365 project that makes me insist on trying it again, even though I’ve failed the past two times.  Maybe it’s the desire to accomplish something so big…maybe it’s wanting to be a part of something…maybe it’s wanting to document daily life and this is a motivator to do that…maybe it’s me holding on to photography any way I know how.  Whatever it is, I’m diving in….


This time I’m following along with Project Life 365.  Project Life 365 is created by the team at Design Aglow.  They are going to have inspiration words for each day, they have a field guide for sale to get you started and free blog boards.  Each day you can share your daily photo with the PL365 community.  I’ll be sharing via Instagram and on my blog.

So far, I haven’t done anything inspiring, but here are my first 3 days…


I”m not making any promises on how far I’ll make it, but we’ll see.  I guess if 365 is too big of a commitment, there’s always 52 (one a week).  🙂


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