Off the wagon…

Hmmm, let’s see how many things I can drop the ball on…eating healthy, 365 project, LiveFit, one hundred push ups, running, sugar consumption…I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones I can think of right now.  I’d say I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon.

It’s a new day though.  I’m gonna pick myself up, dust myself off and do better.  I had already decided to let go of LiveFit.  I wanted to train for a run and I didn’t want such a regimented weight training workout.  Plus, being summer time, I’m not able to get to the gym much.  I also think I’ve pretty much screwed my 366.  Miss a couple days…no biggie.  Miss a week or two…no biggie.  Miss more days than I can count…366 officially dead.

Alrighty then, enough about how much I suck.  How about let’s move on, make new goals and focus on what I’ve been doing lately that makes me happy!

New goals…

start my 100 push ups over again.

continue my race training (thanks to having a race deadline that makes me stick to running even if I’ve slacked in my training slightly)

eat healthier and get back on a gym schedule

detox on sugar AGAIN!

Things that I’ve done lately that make me happy…

Ran a 5k with my whole family (daddy too, he’s just not in the pic).  It was my 9yo’s first 5k ever and he did awesome!

Swam with dolphins…

Had a fun day with the kids at the water park

Got a new bathing suit and quite possibly have a little bit of abs showing through (although that was before dropping the ball and you’d be surprised at how fast that tummy bloats when you stop being good!).

Got the first week of school behind us and I’ve been doing well making lunches so far…

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s only been a week, but I’m focusing on the good here!  Hello!  No debbie downers, got it?!

How about you all…have you screwed up lately?  Slacked on your training?  Haven’t been eating as healthy as you should have been?  You are not alone!


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