Thinking about going Vegan?

Nope, I’m not a vegan and although I’ve thought about going the vegetarian route, I’m not planning on going vegan right now.  However, at the end of this month, my husband will have been mostly Vegan (he hates being labeled “vegan”, but it’s easier for people to understand since it’s a more widely used term) for 5 months.  He started out by reading a book based on the documentary, Forks Over Knives.  For him, going plant based, was more about his health than saving animals.  He has a long history of heart disease in his family and he’s had high blood pressure for years and years, even though he’s only 33 yrs old, very active and normal weight.  Since he’s the type of guy that is all or nothing, within a day or two of doing some research, he was completely plant based.  You’ll notice at the beginning that I said, “mostly” vegan.  For 3 months, he was completely plant based.  No meat, no dairy, no eggs, nada!  However, he had lost about 10-15lbs and he was finding it hard to get his calories at times.  This isn’t to say it can’t be done.  It’s just that not only is he an all or nothing guy, he also doesn’t really want to plan what he’s going to eat, until he’s hungry.  After about 3 months, he decided that he would incorporate a little bit of meat such as fish, shrimp and lean turkey.  He only has one of these about once a week though, sometimes less.

Anywho, I saw this today on PETA’s site and thought I would share.

Wondering About a Vegan Diet? – An infographic by the team at PETA

Also, a great source of information for going Plant-Strong, is the Engine 2 Diet.

And, the Happy Herbivore.

For anyone wondering about my hubs’ health…he says he feels great, has plenty of energy and doesn’t miss meat at all.  As of his last doctor appt, his blood pressure was well within normal range.  He’d like to put on a little muscle, but otherwise, he’s at his ideal size.

*Btw, I’m tired of saying, “long time, no see” or “it’s been awhile” or reasons why I haven’t posted in a month.  Truth be told, I just get distracted or I feel  like I don’t have much to say.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Thinking about going Vegan?

  1. The movie, Forks Over Knives, is what started me down my vegan path 5 months ago now. I watched it, plus several other food documentaries, one day while sick in bed. My husband agreed to go plant based with me for one month, he has since started eating eggs & meat on occasion, so he’s about 90% vegan at home & eats whatever suits him while out, I am plant based 100% of the time. I feel great, have lost weight & gained tons of energy! Plus, I don’t miss meat at all & if by some mistake or error, I get dairy in my food, usually when eating out, I get so sick to my stomach that I never want to touch animal products again.

    • That is so awesome, Andrea! I can’t believe you got your hubby to do it as well. I have been tempted, but I’m not ready to go all out yet. I don’t feel like I eat a ton of dairy, but I do love my greek yogurt and a little cheese here and there and I use whey for my protein drinks. The worst part I’ve found with my husband eating plant based, is trying to eat out. We’re more of a take-out family, which is okay since hubs can usually eat asian or something, but when he & I want to go out to a restaurant for a meal together, it’s so hard for him to find something to eat that is acceptable.

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