March (yes, March!) 366

We’ve already established that I’m just a wee bit (said in my best irish accent) behind on my postings, so yes, I’m posting my 366 wrap up for March.  I thought I might do it a little differently than I have in the past.  Instead of just posting all of the pictures, I decided to highlight a couple of my favorites from the month.

63/366 – Hubby and I were invited to a Nerdy 30 Birthday party.  This was as nerdy as I got.  Considering I had no clue what I was going to wear, I think I did okay.

70/366 – My baby boy turned 9 this month.  I can’t believe it’s the last year that I will have a kid in single digits!

72/366 – I had my Instagrams turned into magnets.  How freaking cool is that?!

80/366 – Took Lucy-Lou to the dog park for the first time.

82/366 – I finally found some TOMS that look cute on my size 10 feet.

83/366 – Took the kids to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure!  Since I can’t ride roller coasters (motion sickness, remember?), ButterBeer from Harry Potter World was my favorite part of the day.  Other than the usual, you know, spending the day with the family, seeing the kids have so much fun riding rides, etc.  😉

91/366 – Ended the month with a bang…Hubs & I completed the Warrior Dash!  This picture is from before our race time when the skies literally opened up and poured gallons of rain down on us.  Fortunately, just before our start time, the rain stopped completely!  Thank goodness b/c the torrential downpour would have been awful to run in.

March 366 Wrap-up…


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