Vegas…Part Deux

Yeah, yeah, I know…story of my life.  This post is a REALLY late part 2 to the previous post.  I’m a sucky blogger…What can I say?  I hope to do better.  Maybe I should blog for a solid 30 days and then it will become habit.  :oP

Okay, on to part 2 of Vegas!  You know, since you’ve been waiting with bated breathe for 3 months and all, I’m thinking I ought not keep you in suspense any longer.  😉

On day 3, I went sightseeing solo.  My sister was in her conference all day, so I checked out our neighboring hotel, The New York-New York, and then took a ride on the LV Monorail.  I took the monorail to help me make my way to The Forum Shops at Caesar’s, but then decided to take the scenic route and walk down the strip back to our hotel, The MGM.  Let’s just say I was not lacking in the physical activity department that day.  😉

I passed the Paris hotel on my walk back to the MGM.  I love all the detail to all the hotels on the strip!

The M&M store was about 1 block from the MGM.  I didn’t stop in, but I’m sure the kids would have loved it if they were with me.  However, since I was kid free, I was pretty much avoiding all kids during my trip.  😉  I thought the huge Ka’ poster was appropriate since it was playing at our hotel and we would be eventually be seeing it while in town.

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s was so pretty inside.  I loved the all the statues!

Inside the mall was a freaking huge H&M…three stories!!

Annnnnd, this would be my ridiculously expensive lunch for the day.  A foot long dog, waffle fries and a tiny water.  Honestly, I wasn’t that hungry at the time, but figured I should eat something.  I only finished about half of my hotdog and 1/3 of my fries.  Definitely could have shared it with someone.

Back at the hotel…I was so happy to see this guy at the end of the day!

On to day 4…there was a huge photography conference (WPPI) coincidentally happening in our exact hotel at the exact time I was in Vegas.  Even though I don’t have a photog business anymore, I thought I’d check out the Expo and see what kind of photography goodies were on display.  Afterwards, I did some more sightseeing and hit up the Bellagio fountains & indoor gardens.  Since we were going to a dinner that night I figured I should go easy on my feet and wear tennies during the day.

The indoor gardens at the Bellagio were gorgeous!  These pictures don’t do it nearly enough justice.  I also got to watch the fountain show out front and I tried recording it, but apparently I don’t know how to use the record function on my point & shoot.  :o/  Note to self…learn your camera!

The Harley shop (and restaurant, I think)

There were plenty of street performers on my walk.  These guys were pretty cool.  When you dropped money in their bucket they would dance!

And these guys were one of the most annoying attractions on my walk.  They were on every flipping corner and there would be 3 or 4 of them!  They were handing out escort/boobie bar cards.  I wish I had gotten a pic of some of the cards.  In case you’re ever in Vegas, don’t take one of their cards unless you want to see some T&A.  😉

My pedometer steps for the day and my treat for walking my hiney off.

That night was a dinner at THEHotel and bar.  The food and atmosphere were awesome, but the bathroom was definitely the highlight of the night.  I know what you’re thinking…dang, she must have really had to potty!  After you see us all spiffy, I’ll explain the bathroom part.

Dun, dun, dun…..THIS is the reason the bathroom was the highlight!  You can use the restroom while overlooking VEGAS!  That’s right folks, floor to ceiling glass wall while you are sitting’ on the pot.  It was freaking awesome!  It was really dark inside, but this gives you an idea of what it looked like.

And this was the view from your seat.  🙂

Seriously, if I go back to Vegas, I will have to hit it up again!

One more post and I’ll be done with my Vegas posts.  Thanks for waiting so long for part 2.  I PROMISE it won’t be another 3 month wait for part 3!


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