Vegas, Baby, Vegas!!

A month or two ago, I got a call from my sister.  Apparently she had a conference to go to in Las Vegas and she wanted to bring someone to tag along with her, but my BIL couldn’t make it.  Soooo, I was the lucky one that got to go!!  It was my first trip to Vegas and it was awesome!  Other than a trip to the Grand Canyon, I didn’t venture out past the main strip the whole time I was there.  I had fun just walking up and down Las Vegas Blvd and taking it all the sights. One of the things on my “must-do in Vegas” list was that I had to get a picture in front of the “Welcome to Vegas” sign.  It’s a corny, cliche pic…but it was a must!  Soooo, without further ado, I present my obligatory Vegas pic, complete with a showgirl!  😉 Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get on to the rest of my trip!  Everyday I took pictures of all my outfits.  Geez, the fun things I remember to do and actually have time to do when there are no kids or a hubby around. Day 1 – plane ride & Vegas arrival outfit I didn’t get in to Vegas until 8pm.  By the time my sister’s plane arrived from Orlando and we got to our hotel, we were exhausted!

Muhammad Ali was making an appearance at our hotel today for his 70th Birthday celebration.  Coincedentally, my baby boy was doing a report for school on Ali, so I had to try and get a picture.  Unfortunately, when you looked at the ring in the main lobby that normally looked like this….

…looked like THIS after Muhammad Ali arrived!

But, eventually, I pushed my way through and was able to get a few passing shots.  Nothing great, but hey, I got to see Muhammad Ali.  Plus, Evander Holyfield as a bonus!  🙂

Afterwards, we headed to the Venetian hotel.  It was GORGEOUS!  It’s theme is Italy and it was complete with an indoor canal and gondola ride.

An example of the ceilings inside the hotel/main lobby…

This was our view inside the shopping area part of the hotel.  This ceiling looked so real!  It really felt like we were outside, in Italy.  Well, except for all the stores and tourists.  😛

This statue is an actual person.  Took us asking someone why there was money on the ground in front of her and why everyone was just sitting around staring at her for us to figure out that she was alive.  lol.  She was so still!

Annnnd, this was how I ended my night…winning $50 at the slots!  Don’t get too excited.  It was the most I won the whole trip and I lost more than I won.  I know what you’re thinking though, “but did you at least take advantage of your free drink while gambling?”.  And the answer would be, YES!  Every time!  Somehow losing stung a little less knowing that I was sipping on my free drink.  😉

Okay, boys and girls, I think I’m going to cap this post here or else it will be a super long, photo overloaded post.  Stay tuned for days 3 & 4!


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