Monday Morning Randoms…take 2!

UGH!!!  I just spent 45+ min writing up a blog post, only for it to disappear on me!  😥  Seriously annoying!  I know why it happened, and it’s completely my fault, but it doesn’t make it sting any less.  So, I’m trying again.

But, first I have to make my breakfast, since this could take another 30 min to remember everything I posted previously…

Okay, I’m back and enjoying my pancakes while re-typing everything I lost.  *sigh*

So, I was saying that I’ve been a little scatter-brained lately and it’s driving me crazy.  I tend to be a thinker, not a doer…a procrastinator…a one track minded individual.  If I have something that has most of my focus, i.e. fitness, then the other things, like laundry, dishes & housework tend to be done on an emergency basis.  Last week I had some errands that I had to get done out of the house, so everything else was kind of pushed off until it was a *must-do* thing.  Which makes me crazy, I know, but I can’t seem to get it under control.  There is also a ton of clutter building up around here and it’s making me grumpy.  Eric, aka hubby, thinks I must love clutter since I seem to always let it pile up, but it’s really the opposite.  It’s usually the fact that I’m OCD about it.  You see, the clutter doesn’t have a place and I don’t know how to “properly” organize it, so it gradually piles up.  Plus…I’m lazy.  😛  So, internet, I’m letting YOU hold me accountable!  Today’s task is to clean off my mess of a desk.  Cluttered desk, cluttered mind!

Here’s a before…

Ridonkulous, right?  I’ll share my after tomorrow.  🙂

And, since I titled this post Monday randoms, here’s some more randomness for ya.

  • First up, BOOTS!  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the trendiest dresser.  I like to think I dress nice, but it’s not really super fashionable or trendy.  Since I finally bought some skinny jeans and some leggings, I decided I needed some tall boots.  Who would have thunk that it would be so hard!  It might be because I’m kind of picky so that coupled with the fact that it’s kind of late in boot season, made my shopping a little difficult.  I ended up deciding on these pretties….the Antonio Melani Elena boot

Antonio Melani + Sale kinda sealed the deal for me.  I’m not in LOVE with them, but I like them well enough until I find THE perfect ones.  After trying on several, I think I have a better idea of what I want in the perfect boot.  I did some online window shopping this weekend and found this awesomeness to put on my wish list!

Frye Veronica Slouch boots!  Gorgeous!

  • And while I’m on a shopping tangent, check out this cool picture frame from Crate & Barrel

I love the look of two of them together!

  • I adore this awesome ampersand pillow too.  When you flip it over, it’s white with a black ampersand.  😉

  • I’m going on day 30 of my 366 project!  Instead of sharing daily or even weekly, I figured I’d share a month at a time.  I’ve tried to do a 365 (366 this year!) project before, but I always put a lot of pressure on myself to make it an awesome picture every day, but in the end never ended up sticking with it.  This year I decided that it just had to be any picture from any camera.  All of the ones so far have been from my phone…Instagram to be more specific.  But that’s okay.  A picture, is a picture.  It still tells a story.

  • Annnnd, because you might be wondering about my LiveFit journey…I’m about to start week 4.  I am a little off on my workouts so I’m going to end week 3 with shoulders today and start week 4 with back & biceps.  I’ll try to do a summary of week 3 soon!

Gotta run since I’m seriously behind on my day due to my little blogging mishap!  Hope your Monday is great!


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