Update…Good news/Bad news

Last week’s attempt at starting the LiveFit trainer failed miserably.  I had errands that couldn’t wait and 2 out of the 4 days I felt sickly for no good reason.  I’m hoping this is a better week for sure!  I’ve got a new gym bag, new workout gloves and some new workout wear.  I’m READY to sweat!

Bad news:

I think I’m a LiveFit failure before even starting.  I’m a thinker and not a doer so maybe that is the problem here, but I’m thinking that I don’t want to work so much on the food portion of my regime.  I know it’s important to eat clean, but I’m lazy so I need other options!  lol.  Bottom line is that if it’s a hardship or doesn’t fit into my lifestyle, then I’m not going to continue doing it.  So, I decided that I will follow the workout program as is, but as far as the eating, I will be adjusting it to fit my lifestyle.  I will try to eat clean(er), limit or cut out bad carbs completely, watch my added sugar intake and try to keep it between 35-50g & I will try to keep my percentages of carbs/protein/fat where they should be (40/40/20).  I will not fret about a few extra servings of healthy fats (i.e. avocado, peanut butter/almond butter, coconut oil/olive oil) or extra servings of fruit.

Good news:

I am feeling confident about this new eating plan.  I was stressing about all the eggs I was supposed to consume and all the things that I was supposed to be eating that I didn’t want to eat.  I’m a picky eater and I’m also a convenience eater.  I need things simple and yummy!    Also, following the discussions on the LiveFit facebook groups I am feeling more confident about the supplements I want to be taking.  Before I felt overwhelmed and thought there were so many things I should be taking, but I’ve finally got it narrowed down.  I might need to add in one or two more things,but for now I’m happy with my choices.  I’ll post more about my supplements later.  🙂

Happy Monday!

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