The beginning…

Well, I was supposed to start my LiveFit workout regime yesterday, but life got in the way.  I know, it’s no excuse, but it did.  I had errands that couldn’t wait and I wasn’t able to make it to the gym.  However, I did start eating better yesterday and logging my food via MyFitnessPal.  I even made protein pancakes and had an enormous breakfast that completely filled me up.

And then…the afternoon slump hit and my mood totally changed.  I really wanted to take a nap, but being that my kids needed me to help with homework and taxi them to extra curricular activities, a nap just wasn’t possible.  So, my body’s defense was to be hungry!  I was voracious and pacing around the kitchen seeing everything I shouldn’t eat was making me cranky.  I didn’t eat anything super bad, but I didn’t do as well as the first half of my day.

On the upside, I officially signed up for’s body transformation challenge!  I took my before pics (to be shared soon!) and I’m ready to go!

Here’s my (somewhat eaten) breakfast.  Sorry for the crap picture.  I was so hungry that I just dove in and then as an after thought, grabbed my phone to snap a pic.  It’s protein pancakes in flower shapes (because that’s the only pancake pan I have right now), layered with thinly sliced banana, drizzled with natural peanut butter and topped with 0% Fage Greek yogurt (mixed with truvia).

This was my first attempt at protein pancakes and they were only edible when I added all this yumminess on top!  I’ll share a recipe when I find one that is actually tasty.  Speaking of recipes, I made my first batch of protein bars and I altered them slightly, but they are still very edible!  Recipe coming soon!  🙂


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