Bring It On 2012!!

I’m ready for the new year.  I’m going to finally hit my fitness goals this year.  I can FEEL it!

I haven’t really thought much about new years resolutions this year.  I want the usuals…get and maintain a healthy/fit lifestyle and to get more organized, but other than that I haven’t given it much thought.  I found this list today on and several of them look promising.  How about you?  Any cool resolutions?!

This year was the first year we let the kids stay up until midnight.  They were super excited to stay up late with us and ring in the new year.  We played some games, watched Kung Fu Panda 2 and then drank some sparkling white grape juice.  Afterwards they got to sleep in the living room instead of their beds…which they thought was totally awesome.  Don’t you wish you had the mindframe of a child?  I wish I could take it down a notch or two sometimes and be super excited for the little things.  Maybe that should be one of my New Years resolutions.  Be more grateful and excited about the little things in life.

Cheers!  I hope everyone had a safe New Year and may this year be even better than the last!


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