What’s on your workout playlist?

I’m always on the hunt for new workout music.  I don’t care whether it’s an old song that I forgot about or a brand new song.  New songs in my workout playlist always pump me up!

Here are some I added to my playlist in 2011 (some new, some old)

  • Jar of Hearts — Christina Perri
  • Coming Home — Diddy – Dirty Money
  • S&M — Rihanna
  • All of the Lights — Kanye West
  • A Little Bit Stronger — Sara Evans
  • Crash Your Party — Karmin
  • All the Same to Me — Anya Marina
  • Sweet Dreams — Marilyn Manson
  • Little Red Corvette — Prince
  • Who You Are — Jessie J

And because we can’t just have boring words in a post, here’s your introduction to Karmin.  If you haven’t heard of Karmin before…you have now!  You will hear lots of them in 2012, I’m sure.  They started out doing a lot of covers of songs…like this one of, Look at Me Now.

And this one is their debut single, Crash Your Party, off their first album…

Your turn! What are some of your favorite songs in your workout mix right now?


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