Last Minute Shopping..only 1 day left!

Fitbit – the Fitbit is a tiny little device that you can attach to your belt/pants or for women, their bra band.  It calculates your daily steps, daily caloric expenditure, stairs climbed, sleep tracking and online food and activity logging!  It’s a handy little tool that is fairly inexpensive for all that it does.

iPod Nano $129 – this one is self explanatory.  Although, you might not know that in addition to being small & being able to listen to your music while working out, it’s also a step tracker!

Dip Station on sale right now for $79.95 – I’ve had my eye on this bad boy (ahem, the dip station ladies, NOT the actually boy.  :P) for a few months ever since I ran across the BodyRockTV website.  If you ever think you don’t have time to exercise, just head over to the BodyRock website.  It has a ton of great short workouts that really get your heart pumping!

Okay, okay…enough with the fitness inspired gifts…here are some just for fun gifts!

If you can give your gift after Christmas, this gorgeous necklace is a fantastic option!  Etsy – Hydrangea Necklace – $158

Have infants/toddlers?  Check out this nifty toy to keep your baby entertained, but also keep your iphone/ipod touch safe!  Fisher-Price Apptivity Case – $16.99

For the movie buff…Fight Club Soap – $15

Domestic goddess?  How about these flippin’ adorable measuring cups?!

If you’ve never been into Brookstone, you must go!  There are lots of fun gadgets!  Here are just a few that we ooooh’d & ahhh’d over the other day…

The Boogie Board – $39.99 — It’s a pen free notepad.  You can write on it with the included stylus or just use your fingernail!

Video Pen – $79.99

Bucky Cubes – $24.99

Pocket Projector for the iPhone 4 – $229.99

For the photo enthusiast…Instant Slide & Negative Scanner – $99.99

If all else fails…gift cards are awesome!  Here are some of my favorite GC’s — Sephora, lululemon, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm, Target or just a Visa GC.  😉

Not sure if they sell these in stores or not, but here is a cool way to give a gift card…


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