Trying to be trendy…

I’m SO not the most trendy dresser.  I always think people look so cute in their trendy outfits, but I have a really hard time getting out of my comfort zone.  My closet is full of staples, you know, those things that you can wear ALL the time, that go with everything…black slacks, black tank/cami, white tank/cami, black sweater, grey sweater, white slacks and then I have dressy jeans & slacker jeans and a whole bunch of t-shirts.  I’m not afraid of colors, but the problem is that I tend to always buy things I can get a lot of use out of.  In my every day wear, I’m a jeans/t-shirt/flops kind of girl.  I like to be comfortable and these things make me comfortable.  If I’m not in my jeans, tee & flops, then I’m in my groove crops, sports bra, tee & tennis shoes.  However, now that I’m comfortable in my skin again and I feel good about myself, I find myself trying to be a little more trendy in how I dress.  I am terrible at accessorizing and being a little OCD, it’s really hard to not be so matchy matchy which I know is BAD!  But thanks to Pinterest and some super inspirational online friends, little by little I feel like I’m getting better with my outfits.  Now, of course, I forgot my hoop earrings in these pics and don’t forget, I’m still a work in progress and yes, I’m still in JEANS, but…here’s my attempt at being somewhat trendy.  Well, I guess it’s really just the belt & scarf that I added that make it “trendy” and different from my usual wear, but it’s baby steps, right?!  🙂

photo taken by Boo (i.e. my 8yo)

photo above & below taken by the hubs

*fun fact…the first time I wore this sweater, Boo (8yo), told me I looked like an elf.  The second time I wore it, he said I really had to stop wearing it because I reminded him of a leprecaun!  lol.  Boys!

Wear to buy:  Sweater, scarf & belt are all from Target — Jeans are ReRock Boot cut from Express


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